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Out of routine!

I have turned into such a 'routine queen'! And I get really annoyed when it all goes to pot!!!

Gabe normally has a routine of bottles at 7, 11, 3 & 6.30. He has 3 45min naps between his feeds and plays inbetween obviously. At the end of the day he watches the telly for a bit or plays on his playmat, then has a bath/top 'n' tail at 6 and then his last feed. He will then sleep thru till between 6.30 - 7.30 depending.

Anyway today we have been out and drove quite a way so his bottles have been messed up as he slept in the car, he hasnt had his last bottle yet and has fallen asleep on his changing mat argh!!!!

Now he will never sleep tonight!!!!!!

Mil is annoying me by saying I can't be in a routine every night and I should be a bit more flexible and stop worrying.

I know she's right but - GAH!

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  • Erin has nearly exactly the same routine apart from she has an extra feed at 10-11pm, as she only has 6 oz at a time if that! I can sympathise with being out of routine (i always said i won't put her into a routine but its just happened that way) the other day she didn't take anything at 11 not a drop, (she often doesn't have a lot 3-4oz sometimes) but to not have any was unusual. So that threw everything out and by the time the evening came she was cranky i was cranky and i didn't know if she was tired, bored or hungry (like having a newborn again!). What have we done to ourselves!! :\)
  • primrose was in a strict routine from the age of dot..i wanted to plan eveything and get organised and it was great coz she new what was going to happen next..shes 2 today!..and is still in the same routine but i have sometimes wondered what it would of been like to be alittle more just never happened!x
  • babies routine does change as they get older its just to be expected and one of the reasons i don't like all the books that keep you to a stricked regime cos one day its going to go mega pear shaped or you will look back and think "oh! i wish we had done this or that instead of sticking to a ridgid routine"
    i think its good to have a sequence then it can fit round your activities..
    hope everything went ok at bed time tiger lily and you weren't too stressed i know i sound like your mil but its ok to have a wee drop time off from routine just chill babe they are small for such a small amount of time just cuddle and enjoy
    a happy mum a happy baby
    fea x
  • Thats great you have Gabe in a routine but this will not always go so smooth for you. You can't let his routine rule your life. You need to get out and about and not worry about it or you will drive yourself mad. I have Kara in a routine but it is not strict. She is 1 in 2 weeks time and I have never had any bother with her and I am able to work around us all.
  • Tiger Lily

    I know exactly where're your coming from. Mine has been in a nice routine very similar to yours, even sleeping through the night for the last two weeks and hes only 10 weeks. However since he had his jabs last week he has progressively slept less during the day not settling for his naps and disaster last night when he woke at four and I eventually had to give him a feed to settle him. He is feeding less and being very cranky and fussy when he does.

    I know its no good to get ruled by routines but they just make life easier and mine is always in such a better mood when hes in his. Hes been a cranky monster this week. I hope all went well for you last night and not too much of a disaster. How is he today?
  • He is fine today thanks - just went to bed at 9, rather than 7. He slept till 7 so pretty good still.

    I know its hard not to let routine rule your life isnt it! My oh had him today as I've been out and when I got back Gabe hadnt had a nap for 4 hours and was shattered!
  • Good to hear it went well last night. I take it your OH is not quite up to speed on babies need for sleep, mines the same except hed let him sleep all day. He also gets stressed at me trying to work thing around the littlins routine all the time. Hes not been too bad today, although he has slept, thank God, he went down an hour earlier again at lunch. Fingers crossed for tonight......Good luck
  • Thats good Tiger Lily that Gabe was ok for you even though he was out of routine. Men are different when it comes to routines. My husband is anyway as he is so easygoing it takes him forever to move lol. He is a great help though so I can't complain.
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