Water squirting out of his bum??

Hi well for past week max has had shits, he's fine in him self just watery poos's with what looks like indigested milk (cloggy) well this morning it went into overdrive lol i took his nappy of to change him and WHAM water came flying out of his bum and onto my face/body etc was disgusting lol just as i cleaned me and him up WHAM again came squirting out allover me, its not got anything in it but little and few lumps of what looks like undigested milk, the water is clear?? Now something is telling me this aint right, maybe he actually is milk intolerant or something?? or do you think its just runs?? its been like this for 1 week today??


  • I would ring NHS Direct or your gp to be on the safe side. Could just be a symptom of his runs but best to be on the safe side. He could get very dehydrated if he's losing fluids.
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