Anyone have unsuccessful sweep?

Just wondered if anyone had an attempted sweep but it couldn't be done because your cervix was too high?

If so how long after did you have your baby?


  • I had 2!

    My cervix was apparently unfavourable both times, high and firm I think midwife said.

    I was eventually induced at 41+4. A lot of them are sucessful though.xx
  • I had 2 done and both were unsuccessful, ended up being induced but I had the sweeps done at 38+6 then 39+4 as I had a lot of problems so was being induced that week anyway if nothing happened.

    Waste of time and bloody sore

  • i had 6 of them and in the end refused anymore as it was just agony, i started my sweeps at 37 weeks, stopped at 40 weeks

    at 42 weeks i was induced and even that failed to diate me. in the end i had an emergency c section
  • Hmmm doesn't sound too promising for me then... Looks like my birthing centre water birth is prob out the window now... I'm 41 weeks today, had attempted sweep but couldn't reach my cervix today, I'm due to be induced next Tuesday at 42 weeks image really didn't want to be induced x
  • Hi,

    I had 4 the last one worked. However Evening Primrose oil is meant to soften the cervix. It can be taken orally or if you can reach put directly on cervix.

    I took loads after MW suggested it and then the last time worked, might of happened anyway but you never know.....

    Google it, v common in america xxx
  • I had a sweep done at 40+6 which I was told I was favourable & already 2 cms dilated.....hmm.....roll on 41+5 (my induction day) and nothing had happened. Was given another sweep when she inserted the pessary bit that did nothing either, waited 24 hours, given another sweep, pessary removed and gel inserted. This FINALLY kicked me off - DD was born 9hrs 49mins later at 42 weeks exactly! Sometimes babies are happy where they are.
    Don't give up hope though Hun, but if you do have to be induced it's really not that bad xx
  • Mine worked, I went 11 days over she said my cervix was high and no where near ready at 7 days over but managed to do one (it hurt A LOT) and I started having my show over the next 3 days and the went into labour on the 4th day.

    LadyK is the worlds leading expert on baby eviction!!!

    Good Luck they really are worth the wait.
  • i had 2 sweeps, neither worked, i was induced at 41 weeks in the end, even that didn't work particularly well and took 3 days!
  • I had a sweep at 40+7 my cervix was 2 high so they could do anything. 40+9 by little man arrived. image Dont think he fully engaged until i went into labour, waters didnt break until nearly giving birth. sxx
  • my friend had her baby 2 weeks ago after 2 failed sweeps, 4 days before she was due to be induced x
  • My first one at 40+ wks didnt work, then had another at 41+3, went into labour early the following morning. It may or may not have been the reason. But I wanted to say that you dont HAVE to be induced if YOU dont want to. You can attend the prolonged pregnancy clinic at the hospital and they will monitor you and as long as the results are ok (ie no risk of low amniotic fluid, or low/declining oxygen to the placenta or your baby's brain) then you can continue on. No one can force you to be induced. I was monitored and everything was still ok and my choice of no induction was respected. Of course if the results were to change the further I went along then you stay smart and go with an induction. Babies have a wonderful way of deciding when THEY are ready to join us! I hope your doesnt keep you waiting too long x
  • I had one at 40 weeks and then was induced at 41+1 x
  • I had an unsuccessful sweep at 40+3....My cervix was a bit too high, however at 40+9 I was examined again and cervix was soft, forward & dilated so it can take a matter of days for things to kick off a bit x
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