Cows Milk and Yoghurts


Just a curiosity question - William is 11 months old in a week and i've enough formula in to see him through until about 11 1/2 months. Do you think it will be ok to switch him onto cows milk then or should I wait till he's a complete year? He was BF till he was 10 months and then decided enough was enough. He switched to formula absolutely fine. He was 2 weeks overdue and is a big boy - 12 month + clothes already !!!

Also he's been having fromage frais for ages now and loves them but I was wondering whether it's ok for him to have any yoghurts as long as they are full fat or not yet? Also what about moose? Can he have the chocolate or strawberry little moose pots yet or wait till after year old?

Thanks ladies

Sab x


  • i swiched millie at 10 month it was hv who told me to do it as she was getting enuf iron from her food, hv said as long as she was getting 3 meals aday that it would be fine to change her over, millie took it really well and is fine with the cows milk, its soo much easyer, i dont know about the yoghurts but i give millie them, x
  • My health visitor told me yogurts are ok from 6 months as long as they're quite natural without a lot of added sugar / preservatives.
  • Millie stoped bfing at 10 1/2 months and wouldn't drink formula so my hv said just to give her cows milk (although she wouldn't drink that either!)
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