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Hiya, Im due back to work in may and dreading it as have loved being home, I worked part time my lo will be 6 months old also have a 4 yr old. Spoke to my manager (she has no children) and she said she couldnt promis me fixed shifts, so i have no idea how i would be able to arrange child care when i wont know what im working from 1 week to the next. So was thinking of giving up work for a while or looking for something else. So just wondering how other full time mummys find it and how you cope financially as my partner is on a low wage xx


  • Can i ask what you do? Lea pea is right in that there are certain rights that mean your entilted to have hours that suit you i'm not sure how it works i'm sure someone else will.
  • I work as a carer in a residential home. I thought they had to be flexible too, I worked nights befor which i hated and she said as i wanted to switch to days they would find it difficult to fit me in or i could work all weekend every weekend which i dont want to do as would never see my oh. xx
  • I wandered if it was health care because you mentioned shifts, i work in a hospital, just wandered if you could join your local hospital nurse bank as a HCA, you can do this alongside your job and you get to choose what shifts you do when, i work for the nurse bank as well as permenant and if i do a night shift on bank on a sat night i get the equlivlant of 3 normal shifts pay!!! anyways its worth thinking about it. Obviously if you decide to just work on nurse bank you don't get holiday pay or sick pay but you get to work when you want and can have time off whenever you like. Just an idea xx
  • We live bout 20 mins from a hospital and i have quite alot of health care experience so might apply there i think the moneys better too although i think theres a bit of a waiting list for jobs. Might give tax credits or citizens advice a ring although you can never get through for ages! Thanks for your advice xx
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