baby whisperer?

Hi my oh and I were thinking about buying a baby whisperer book but are not sure which one to get? We need advice mainly on sleep so do any of you girls have a book and how in depth does it go into getting baby to sleep and routines ect?



  • I found The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems the best one - and has a whole chapter on pupd which I know you're trying at the moment. I did find Secrets of the Baby Whisperer good in the first few weeks but it doesn't go into detail.

    The Baby Whisperer solves all your problems is currently on Amazon for about ??7.

    HTH xxx
  • Thanks your a star! il go for that one then, yay a whole chapter thats great, we have questions about pupd but hv isnt very helpful so that will b really good!
    thanks again
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