David is one, and walking :)

As it says David is now 1, turned 1 on saturday and on thursday just stood up and walked, now he wont stop, hes walking everywhere and finally sleeping better (tiring himself out) Only problem is he wont drink cows milk, unless its in a glass, he wont take it in a bottle to go asleep.... so bedtime bottle is still forumla, how long can i carry that on?

Anna is now 3 weeks, shes doing fine, is now 7lb 3oz, was 6lb 1oz born, so is doing well, she has a horrible cold, but apart from that is all good image

Hope everyone else is ok xxx


  • My niece dropped the bedtime formula herself at 14 months so I wouldn't worry too much. I think that as long as they're not still on bottles and formula at 2-2.5 years then don't stress yourself it.

    Glad to hear he's sleeping better though and that Anna's doing well.

    Congrats on the walking too, clever pudding xxx
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID ( for sat just gone? ) max is one on this sat! not walking yet though!! he seems so forward to be walking clever little boy!! xxx
  • Scary he is one already isnt it.....Sian will be one on Saturday (26th)
    She isnt walking yet but dont think it will be long.

    Happy Birthday David & clever boy for the walking image x
  • Happy Birthday David!! and well done!

    Could you try C&G follow on milk for his bedtime bottle?


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