so p****ed off

hubby is really getting on my nerves!!!! :evil:

i stay at home to look after jess. he goes to work. so im with jess pretty much all the time.

tonight she was dropping off to sleep at 8.15pm like the past few days, so i took her up to bed.

would not stop crying, she then had 2 1/2 oz. started getting sleepy. as soon as i put her down she would start again. hubby said bring her down which gives jess the wrong idea ( even though shes 7 weeks). gave up and brought her down. had tea.

hubby went to change nappy. i said " she if she'll go to bed" he said " what a great sat night"

ffs!!! cant remember the last time i sat down and watched evening tv!!

anyway, i could hear her really crying on monitor so i went up. i told hubby how she likes to be held cause he was holding her in a position she doesnt like. he was not happy.

just annoys me how im expected to do everything regarding jess. not that i mind but we BOTH wanted this baby.

sorry about the rant


  • I know how you feel, and it can be crap sometimes can't it? Men seem to get let off really easy. I rarely get me-time and when I do, and oh has Gabe, Gabe is a pest for him as he knows it's not mummy. He does love daddy but he thinks he's for fun and to chuck him about lol. And I'm the one who changes him, snuggles him, puts him to bed etc! I'm just coming to terms with the fact that he's not a very hands-on dad .... he is always apologising about it but never does anything?? Can you go out shopping and leave Jess with hubbby? It sometimes makes them realise what a good job you are doing!!
  • My OH hated to hear LO cry as well. ANd when he cried when he was put to bed he used to have to battle me to bring LO back downstairs. Some days when OH was band from bringing LO back downstairs he would go to bed to try to quieten him, LOL.

    Remember though, what Katie says is right, you have both got a huge change to get used to.

    nearly 9 months on and I still get the funny looks when I ask OH to take LO to bed. Iv learnt to ignore it till he does what I want him to.

    My OH said that LO was only 7 months old this evening as well, sometimes I wonder.

    Realy dont know how he has been coping as he has been looking after LO alone most of the week as Iv gone back to work and he is on his days off. He copes though, and to be honest im glad for a break. Still love to get home though so I can get a smile off LO. Makes everything alright again.

    Beck n Zacky
  • thanks. shes just gone to sleep. will try the going out and leaving them.
  • Sympathies here, I wanted my hubby dead this morning I don't think I've ever felt so much hatred for him..... sounds awful doesn't it? : I'm shocked now....

    Left him in bed till 10 and I was up with lo. I'm up for 20-40 mins in the night, wind her and put back to bed.... He claims he's tired, he hears us and the light wakes him, I swear anyone would think he was sitting up in bed trying to stay awake feeding our daughter. I'm still quite aneamic following her birth (taking ages for my hb to come up :cry: ) so I'm feeling pretty rotten and constantly tired despite her being a good sleeper. We normally do a Tesco run at the weekends but he will go with her and leave me to get some rest, this morning he decided we would all go for some 'family time' at TESCO?!?!? and we did all go cause by the time I'd told him exactly what I thought of him, she was due her feed and I didn't dare send him on his own incase she woke hungry... so he got his own way.

    They can be selfish b*stards at times
  • he thinks hes tired being at work all day.

    you want to try having a baby who is feeding every 2- 3hours and cries whenever you leave her alone.

    should talk to him but i hate confuntation. sp?
  • Well I was feeling pretty confrontational this morning so he got it between the eyes!!! But not saying anything will just lead to resentment
  • ill just have to think of how i word things. ive just asked if he enjoys being a dad. and he does.
    asked him if it was what he expected. he said he didnt expect anything.

    thing is he has had no contact with babies until ours.
  • No mine neither, but despite what I've written he is very hands on and he is good with her - just wish I got the same treatment sometimes!!!
  • hubby will do stuff but i have to ask. hes not very comfortable doing the baby talk to jess.
  • I have to ask as well, he say's hes not a mind reader and my reply? 'yes sweetheart I realise that, but those things in the front of your head? they're called eyes!! Try using them once in a while and our lives will be soooooo much easier!' :lol:
  • LOL I've just thought of 2 more examples from this evening!! Lo had been bathed and then I needed the loo, so asked him to get her dried and dressed.... I had to show him where the sleepsuit/vest on the bed was, he picked up the one she had been wearing and I had to say 'no shes worn that today :roll: '.
    Came out the bathroom, she was nearly dried off (well done hubby!!) dressed btwn us and then I gave her a kiss g'night and went to get off the bed, so then he went to his computer??! But he always puts her to bed... :\? So again I had to say 'but you put her to bed? You swaddle her better than me'.... 'oh yeah' was his reply LOL oh yeah!?!?

    Gets her into bed, swaddles and walks off leaving my bedside table lamp on. She starts twitching and wittering, so I have to point out that the light is on and she hasn't slept ever slept with a light on, whats he doing!?

    THEN....!!! :lol: I come downstairs, she starts whinging so I go back up and pop her dummy in. Come down and it happens again, go back up and hubby is crashing around on his desk in our old walk in wardrobe, now his computer cupboard - clearly he was keeping her awake as he was being noisy.... he told me he didn't know what the matter was with her, maybe she didn't want to go to bed so I said 'well maybe her sleeping environment needs to be abit more peaceful?'
    'point taken' his reply and he came down, this was at 8.30 and shes been asleep since!!!

    Gosh I feel better now image
  • my oh came home for the weekend on riday and Hayden didn't go down till 10pm, then up at 1 and again at 4 then 730, so you could amagine how tired i was next day, well by last night i had a need for chocolate cake (honestly it was like a craving!!!) asked oh to go to asda but to take a very grumpy boy with him just to give me a break. Was honest and Told him that we both just needed some time apart, 24hr 7 days a week, is not good for anyone, especially when one of you is either crying or demening your boob!!
    It was so nice just to have half hour of quiet lying on sofa on my own. And i was a much happier mummy and hayden a hapier baby.
    Oh tries it on sometimes but after this weekend i think he now appreciates exactly why i am so tired when he comes home for a weekend!Can't wait till his boat is brought up to faslane, i might actually see him on a week day!
    hope things get better for you, love fiona
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