another number for tax credits that works :)

well after 7 days of being cut off by them, I found this number on moneysavingexpert and it worked straight away!! I know someone's already posted another more secret one - but I was too scared to ring it incase I got told off!

anyway, if you are having trouble - try this one - 0845 300 3600

hope it helps image

Suz xx


  • ahh thanks suz ive been cut off loads too xxx
  • i got through straight away on this one


    have been trying all week on the 0845 to be cut off dread to think how much it cost!!
  • bloody tax credits phone number!! i feel ur pain, i actiually did get thru finally after 4 weeks of trying on and off BUT i was on hold for 30 mins!!!!! grrrr x
  • no it doesnt work ive just rang them and there for over seas and wont even talk to me image damn tax credits!!!!!
  • Try ringing just before they open (8am). If i need to ring I try then and I always get through straight away x
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