Really need advice please

I posted this for the live web chat but missed the time!I've just tried to fed him again just before 3 and he's had 4 ozs so that's 14 over 3 bottles. He's now on his playmat having a right old giggle to himself! Am really worried and can't get through to my hv. What am I doing wrong?

My lo is 16 weeks old and is bottle fed. He was 15 lbs ozs at his last weigh in and was 8lbs 1oz when he was born. He's a great sleeper and untill 3 weeks ago a brilliant feeder taking 5 bottles for 8-9fl ozs.
Over the last few weeks he's really dropped the amount he has amd I'm a little worried.
This morning he would only take 3 fl ozs at 7am and 6 at 11am. He's normally not interested in his 7am bottle but drains his 11am and 3pm so I'm at a loss. I wind him which is ok but if I offer him the bottle back he just pushes it out with his tounge and sticks his hand in his mouth! Thought it might be teething but just wondered is there anything I can do to help hin take a bit more or feel better?
We've bought all sorts of things to chew on but his or my hand are much better apparently!
Thank you


  • sorry don't have much advice, but my hv said babies tend to have a growth spurt at 3 months. maybe thats what he has had and doesn't need as much milk now.
    obviously i'm no expert, its just a thought. Sorry i can't offer much more advice x

  • Thanks just feel awful like I'm doing it all wrong x
  • Hiya

    He may be poorly, but if he's happy he's probably ok is how it goes, he's a decent weight so your hv won't be concerned, if he was hungry he'd eat, so i wouldn't worry too much, but i would get him checked out jic. x
  • think I will can't be too careful thanks x
  • aww you aren't doing anything wrong hun. i know its frustrating when they go off their feed cuz u feel like something is wrong and its worrying. my lo hasn't been taking as much milk as he used to, but he is gaining weight.
    Have u had ur lo weighed recently? from what u have said, he seems happy and giggly so thats a good sign that he is ok. Just keep trying ur hv or if u can't get thru and ur really worried then see your gp for advice xx

  • Hi gemh85 and AprilH,
    Tried again with hv and said not to worry and she'll ring back in a few days to see how he is. Can't get a gp appointment so oh is coming back from work and we're off to the drop in centre. Thank you both for your replies really appreciate it x
  • Let us know what they say at the center, has my lo does this too! He's also 16 weeks tomorrow and weighs 15lb 10oz.
  • Will do mcrvamp just popped him in his carseat and we're off. x
  • Well we're back and I have to say I'm not sure I feel any better!! Nice lady saw him said how cute he was etc. Weighed him with oh and worked out roughly he had put some weight on but seemed happy he wasn't taking his food. She thought that as he's been having 8fl ozs at each feed normally this was a lot more than he should have for his age so maybe he was just having a rest.
    Just back from feeding him and he's taken 8!!! All to keep me well and truly on me toes!
    Thanks again for the kind replies. Wait and see what tomorrow brings!! x
  • i'm glad to hear he is ok hun xx

  • HI love
    I had problem feeding faith a long time.He look like his good weight so that good news. Try not worry about his feeding is he sicky has any white spots in mouth any problem when give him the bottle is windy sorry for question i wont try help you
  • I know I shouldn't worry and the 'sensible' half of was saying all the way to the drop in centre "don't be silly, go home there's nowt wrong' but be both said if something happened we'd never forgive ourselves. Lady was nice and kinda said the same thing but will go to my hv weigh in on Thursday to see exactly how much he's put on in 3 weeks.
    He's normally good with wind-lots of getting rid down the bottom end! No spots or white stuff inhos mouth but will look again before his 11pm feed. Very rarely sick just soooooo much dribble!
    How old's Faith? Is she better with her feeding now? x
  • She doing alot better thank you asking i do now how you feel it is all full when they refuss a bottle from or change how much they take. May be try offering more bottles even if take an 1oz or 2oz more. I find if faith playing up and take an 1oz i leave it an hour or 2 than offer another bottle so might end up having 3oz or 4oz . May be try feed when he a sleep. Wont about weaning him? are you facebook?
  • Think I might start to have a spare few fl ozs ready incase he fancies it after a sleep. Never done a night time feed but it's always worth a go isn't? Glad your lo is doing better and thanks for your ideas chuck! x
  • Hi Mum to 1
    Your LO sounds exactly like mine was a few weeks ago!! And now has cut 2 teeth!!! Bless him, he's only 19wks today! He literally would only take 2-3 oz at most a few times during the day, but often up to 18oz at night!!!
    Hope you LO is being more himself asap! I'm a first time mum too & its soooo hard not to panic, but i think its always better to ask the professionals!
    Take care
    Sarah xx
  • When I asked about this at the clinic last week, one of the nurses there told me that it was a sign that they want weaning, but I think she was talking out of her arse.

    My little one has been fussing all day, and he's bedtime feed just now took an 7oz bottle then asked for more, so he had another oz. He likes to keep me on my toes.
  • Sarah777 that's totally what I've been thinking that's why I'd left it so long to ask for help! His gums feel so sharp and hard and the dribbling is mental! Will wait and see what happens but I know just what you mean being a first time Mum, well a Mum, is just the hardest job in the world!! Hope your lo is alright now? Is he better now the teeth have come through?
  • my lo has not been dribbling so much today, and has been feeding a bit better so perhaps that is the answer.
  • Aftet the pregnancy, birth and now this feeding problem it makes me realise no one really knows and it isn't an exact science! We just have to follow our instincts-whatever you feel in your waters as me Nan used to say!! Lady at drop in said maybe he needs weaning but I'm not sure and daren't start too early so will carry on as we are and get him weighed as that's a good way to know if he's ok. So good to know we're not on our own and thank you for all the advice and kind thoughts. This is a great forum!image
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