come dine with me..anyone watch?

hi girls

has anyone been watching come dine with me? they are all mad! i cant believe that girl went to bed on her night and they had to cook for themselves :lol:

and that man that did the jamaican night, whats his problem!!

im hooked its fab



  • Oh my god i watch it every night! i even make the oh do the feed due at that time so i dont miss it lol

    He's a freak that guy i thought he was going to fly for the bimbo women lol he's like a fatter version of the guy from red dwarf! oh and gayer lol
  • i wouldnt have even gone to the fat mans house if i was that girl,

    love the way the older woman talks too!!

  • yes saw that one... abi TITmuss what a bore!

  • i love the show!! i always forget to watch it as i'm usually on here or seeing to the kids!

    might have to remember to watch it later, if oh lets me.

  • LOL.I always watch it,been hooked from the start,not as keen on the celeb version,but watch that too lol..AND masterchef!
    This weeks was filmed in Preston which isnt far from me!what a bunch of odd uns!
    I would of died had I been Dawn,falling asleep like that on her night to host a party!loved the gay guy who won though!!!
    Best is sometimes they have back to back episodes on,cant think what sky channel but its great!lol see i really do love the show x
  • I watch it solely for the narrator guy - he rips it out of them and I can hardly breathe for laughing half the time!!! My OH is a head chef in a hotel and he loves watching it too, I think he just likes the fact that some of them can't cook and he can lol
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