FOA anyone who was in stirrups during labour - advice pls

as you can probably guess from the subject head, I was in stirrups for the last 3 hours of labour and for an hour and a half after while they stitched me up.
since then i've had what i can only describe as 'groin-strain' whic comes and goes but is worse when i've been on my feet a lot. At our 6 week check the dr said it was normal having been in stirrups for so long and it would take around 6 months to go back to normal and put it down to stretched ligaments.
i just wondered if this is normal and if it really will take that long to stop hurting.


  • I didn't want to r&r hun, I was in stirrups but not for as long as you I don't think, and I haven't had what you've described but I did have a big latch of my left leg that was numb for about 5 months. It's just starting to feel almost normal again. The doc said that was the stirrups, so it seems they can cause some problems. I've also got a funny 'ping'ing sensation in my back sometimes, it's like someone's flicked an elastic band at my skin. Apparently that's the stirrups too!!! I hope it feels better soon, but it'll probably take time, like the doc said. x x x
  • Hi hun, fancy meeting you here! I was in stirrups for the last hour or so, and now have pains in my hips and knees which apparently is stirrup related. Gp says it should be gone by 6 months too.
  • *groan* i guess i'll just have to grin and bear it!
    thanks for the replies ladies (and phoenix, i thought i'd try here instead of boring our fellow BIM-ers with my moaning!!)
    hope you both feel better soon too
  • Lol we all love a good moan in BIM don't we! I can't remember if you ate BFing....? If not then you could take ibruprofen.
  • ooh - good idea - we stopped bfing this week.
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