What happens when bottles go?

The boys have never been interested in milk and are slowly dropping the amount they drink in their 2 daily bottles. I dont want to lose them yet as they dont have any other dairy but they both refuse to drink out of beakers unless I force them (which I have to do sometimes)

What happens when they drop bottles? Ive always replaced dropped bottles with snacks or changing feed times to accomodate but cant do that once theyre all gone. Do you up their food intake? How do you make sure theyre still getting everything they need thats already in formula?


Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (1 in 2 weeks!)


  • same with my eldest, she dropped all bottles at 9 months, i just made sure she had a yoghurt with every meal, and anything i could slip milk in (mash potato etc) i did.

    second lo is lactose intolerant and he stopped wanting milk at 13 months, since he had soya milk and it was the only dairy intake he had i couldn't drop it completely so (i know you shouldn't) but gave him milk shake instead just the powdered sort thats no added sugar, but it got his milk down him xxx
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