no 2 ?

my son is 16 months and up until recently i thought i was ready for no 2, and most of time i feel 70% sure i am. BUT now im unsure if i am thinking of it because as a stay at home mum i no the longer im out work the less better off we are for longer., if you undertand me
anyway my son can be a handful sleep wise although he is getting better and i wonder if i will cope with a baby and a toddler still weaking at night at times.
i dont want to rush into this as will be last baby but i dont want to be out work for longer than need too and have a big gap,does anyone else have this mental argument with self? i guess maybe there will never be right time and carson could be a handful for long time, cant put of forever.


  • Yep having it as we speak !

    My dd is 14 months and we are ttc number 2 (in our first month of ttc). We were going to wait another year but figured

    1) i'm not getting any younger (i'm 30 this year)
    2) Financially there'll never be a "right" time as there will always be something to pay for !

    My concerns are that I came back to work in Sep 09 after having my daughter and I LOVE my job albeit part time, but having another lo in nursery wouldnt make sense as it would take ALL my income to pay for it so may as well stay home. We would only qualify for maybe ??30 a month CTC so will be a drop in earnings and am I ready to leave the workforce ??

    But I want lo to have a brother or sister and I dont want a big age gap and who knows how long it'll take to fall preggers, took 10 months with lo.

    Sometimes if I think about it too much I just tie myself up in knots so i'm just going by gut instinct. I suppose i'm lucky that 95% of time time Charlotte is a very good child, no sleeping/feeding issues etc but I do worry that a second lo could be a nightmare child ! LOL
  • im 30 in oct! yes i do think sometimes you have to just go for it! i would be ebetter of in work but chose not too. when theres 2 i still hope i will be as wont go back to full time owrk till they both in full time school so 5 yrs away really.
  • Hello,
    My DS is almost 8 months and we are ttc #2 now. It took us 18 months to get DS as i have PCOS so we'll see how long it takes to get a little brother or sister for him. I am nervous about having 2 so close together but figured i'd get all the dirty nappies, sleepless nights etc out the way in one go!!
  • My DS is 15 months now, and I am 25 weeks pregnant with Beanio tomorrow.
    I am SAHM right now, and part of our decision that swayed us was that if I have my babies closer together, I can get back to work in a couple of years and be there til forever! lol
    Also, like SLOW, I am already experiencing the few odd nights of sleeplessness, and so I'd rather get them all over with in one go! Rather than leaving it 3 years then starting over!! yuck - noooo thanks!

    Third point was that I wanted my kiddies to grow up close and as friends. Whether they do or not, I don't know yet, but I do know I will do all I can for them to make sure they are great pals!
    Sarah xx
  • i think im agree with that too, going back to work is an issue.
  • do you mind if i ask how you arrange childcare out of school hours?
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