Swimming - arm bands or swimming ring

We are planning to take our little one swimming very soon but are unsure as to whether to use arm bands or a swimming ring (the sort with the integral seat in it). We have seen them both in Mothercare and are swaying towards the ring as the arm bands look quite wide even though they are for babies. Just wondered what everyone else uses and where they got them from. My little one is 5 months old.
Thanks for your help.


  • Hi. I would use neither but instead use a floatation suit. They are like bodywarmer wetsuits, but have floatation bits in which you can slowly remove as your LO gets more confident. I know that Konfidence do them. It means your LO has their arms free so can move more freely. Hth.
  • Have seen the flotation rings but never in action but have just bought a ring as tried one last week and it was fab. Got a Zoggs one from ELC
  • hello

    we dont use anything but LO wears a warmer, he loves being swished about in the water and i find the float quite restrictive tbh, i didnt think you could get arm bands that small?? wouldnt have thought it woul be safe at that age but i might be wrong

    enjoy, we love going swimming!

    becca and jacob 23+1 weeks
  • Thank you so much for your replies- I hadn't even thought about the suits, they sound great. Can't wait to take her now!!
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