Anyone had one bigger than this????

My Mum heard from a friend of hers yesterday, who had a baby boy on Tuesday - weighing in at a whopping 12LBS 7OZ!!!!!!

By c-section as 'apparently' it might have been difficult for her to do it naturally - no s**t Sherlock!!!!

Makes my eyes water just thinking about it!!!

S x


  • Wow that is big!! Erin didn't weigh that until she was about 14 weeks lol
  • Ow ow ow! My husband's best friend was 13lbs 4oz born. They wouldn't induce his mum when she was overdue so he stayed in there till he decided he was ready to leave :lol: Think she went to 43 weeks, almost 44 image
  • My neighbour had a baby boy naturally who weighed 12lb 9oz!! They were on the front of the local paper at the time as he was the biggest baby that had been delivered in the hospital. As he was born in December they were comparing him to the weight of a Christmas turkey!! :lol:
  • LOL Alledgedly my great gran was 14lb when she was born, and her mum was a tiny slip of a thing.
  • OMG!! 12lbs! Jeeez!!

    My Auntie had a 11lbs 9oz baby boy naturally, not even any gas and air, at home watching GMTV :lol:

    She's only a size 8!!!


  • I've just crossed my legs in pain. Owwweee. No thanks, if it's that big it can come out the sunroof (c section !) S x
  • Wow!!

    My dad was 9-10lb so pretty big but my uncle was 11lb!! Both born natural home births. My late gran was big herself though; 12/13lb-er.

    I thought Gabe was big at 9lb 1.....

  • my great great grandmother had about 10 babies and the smallest was 14lb the biggest was 18lb. she was diabetic so had big babies, she had them all naturally the big one had to have his shoulders dislocated to get him out. they had to cut the sides of all his clothes to get them on

    she was 4foot 11 and a wee slip of a thing. she must have had a wizards sleeve down below :lol:

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  • my legs are firmly crossed!
  • I'm getting the sewing kit out right now!!!!

    The lady who was across from me in maternity ward had been 10 days overdue and her little girl was just over 10lbs. She looked huge against Charlotte as she was only nearly 6lbs!
  • My OH was over 13lbs, my SIL was almost 14lbs, My OHs uncle was a full stone and so was his cousin.

    I wouldve done serious damage to OH if either of mine had been that big! :lol:

  • Ollie is only 13lb 5oz now and he is 23weeks!
  • Molly was 10lbs 14ozs and she was a VBAC and yes it was OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ow My ds1 was 10lb and delivered vaginally and that was hard work i wouldnt say to painful but hard work but i wouldnt have liked to try anything bigger lol

    My old next door neighbour her daughter was 12 lb 4 ozs and she only had the 1 child lol
    vikki xx
  • OMG!!!!! My biggest baby was Luca at 7lbs 6oz and i really felt it, they had to twist his shoulders to get him out! i cant even begin to imagine almost double that!
  • omg thats huge!!!!!!! glad it wasnt me!!
  • My my there are some whoppers out there!!! George cut me to shreds - and he was only 4lbs 2oz!!!! I'm dreading having another, potentially 'normal' sized baby!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
  • I had Charlie 8.6 (3 weeks early) 96 hours of labour and two hours of pushing and being cut to get him out... I'm now 37 weeks plus 2 .. & being let go untill 39 weeks had a scan today and she is 8.4 already... so I shouldn't even be reading this *sticks fingers in ears and tries to cover eyes at the same time* & *singing loudly lalalalalaaaaaaaaa... I can't hear youuuuuu!!* :lol:
  • What whoppers!
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