Got lo weighed today....

.... he has only put on 2lbs in 8 weeks so I didnt get told of WOOHOO it does make him a whopping 29lb 15oz tho lol

Couple of questions... all pushchairs have a max weight of 15kg.... Jonathan is nearly 14kg and only nearly 9 months... what do i do?!?!?!?!

Also the HV said to cut out all his formula apart from his night bottle... does anyone else only give lo milk at night???


  • I give Charlotte 4oz at brekkie and 4oz at night. I'm sure milk only at night would be fine unless he still likes his milk in the day also. I would do what your lo wants rather than what the hv says!
    Your lo is very good at putting on weight - can he give tips to Charlotte. She's 14 months and only 18lb 13oz!!
    Don't really know about the pushchair q - sorry.
  • Wow what a big boy!
    I'm not sure how much Gabe weighs. Between 21-22lbs I think at 10 months....

    I wouldn't cut out the formula personally. My HV told me they need 20oz a day until they're 1. Obviously not all Lo's will want this much but it's just a guide. Gabe has about 15-21oz a day depending on how hungry he is xx
  • Hi, i just have a normal thomas the tank engine pushchair from mothercare for Ryan and its from 6 months up to 3 years, so im guessing thats over 15kg, not too sure.

    Ryan is 8 months and fits in it fine.


  • J is 36lb and although he walks everywhere if we go for a day out and I know hes gonna get tired I usually bring a stroller for him and he's fine in it.

    Esp as Johnathan is more likely to sit still than a toddler he isnt going to be bouncing and jolting about in it so I would say he is fine in one for a bit longer. 15kg is 33lb and I would say you can go over that a bit anyway.
  • hiya my 4 year old often sits in freyas stroller and she is fine in it she must weigh about 38lb now so i would think he would be fine in any well made stroller for a while yet. x
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