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Aint been on in a while hope everyone is ok?

Tamzin is 6 months on the 23rd, and hv said it was ok to start her on follow on milk a couple of weeks ago.

Any way she takes it fine, but she has about 25ozs a day and on the box it says she should only have 7ozs. Should i only give her one bottle of the follow on milk and give her number1 milk for the other feeds.

We have noticed since being on the follow on milk she as been getting alot of bottom wind and its waking her in the night, where as she as always slep through 7-7 from about 8 weeks.

Any advice would be great.


Kerry xxx


  • Hi,
    My lo was 6 months on 17th.We've just bought some follow on milk and haven't a clue how and when to use it so I'm glad you've posted this. Hope we get some advice otherwise it will sit in the cupboard collecting dust!
    Sorry no advice-not a lot of use am I?!!x
  • 7 oz? What a day? I dont know babe . My lo struggled to drink 18 oz milk so i changed her onto follow on milk she didnt like it dont know if it tastes different but after four days on it she was refusing it, i decided to put her back on infant milk, Apparently it is fine to keep them on this you dont have to change.
  • Cole had problems with follow on milk so I've kept him on aptamil 1st milk - aptamil helpline said it was fine to keep them on that up to 1. now he's 1 he's still on it and we are working on teh cows milk transition.

    how did you transition her to the follow on milk? aptamil said to me that you should just do it by replacing 1 bottle at a time over a few weeks to allow the lo's body to get used to it.

    you could always give the helpline people from whichever milk you use a call -I've spoken to aptamil and c&g for a couple of things and they have been really helpful.

    Just to add to what aptamil told me - in case it helps someone - they said you should never ever mix 2 different formula types (as in 1st and follow on, or hungry baby) in the same bottle as the formulas don't work together - you should always transition to a different milk by replacing one bottle at a time. Unfortunately I didn't know that when i tried cole and I guess i'll neverknow if thats why he didn't agree with the follow on

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