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Is it Reflux ?

My Baby is 8 months old and from 4 months has been progetile vomiting with milk and then as he was weaned food aswel. The doctors keep telling me its refluxand nothing to worry about he loses weight some months and last months only managed to put on 2 oz, he know weights 18 lb and was 8.5 when born.Some months he drops 7oz, the doctors will not take me seriously and refer him to be checked by a pediatrician. Am I being a neurotic mum this is driving me crazy I can't cope with the sickness any more and am getting very down with it and my doctors advice was to go to more parent and baby groups !.I tried explaining that I can't as my baby vomits everywhere and I have to feed him small amounts every 2 hours as that is the only way to keep food down and stop him losing so much weight, this is very tying as I wont feed him out anymore, Sorry to rant on but just wondered if anyone else has had the same sort ov problems as me xx


  • What milk are you using? Check out the other topic on milk intollerance - could be that. When I weaned my son, and now his brother, I checked every food label (hipp and cow n gate ones r good) for foods without added milk products. I do make my own mixes for my youngest but with 4 of em running around, there aren't always enuff hrs in the day!! Now he's 8 months, we do use the hipp jars as opposed to the others as I have found several of theirs do come without added milk products!
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