Chewing their tongue?!

Hi there,

I've never known a baby or an adult do this, but B chews his tongue all the time! I was just wondering if anyone else's LO did this? And if he was likely to stop doing it at any stage? It almost looks like he's chewing gum! He's 5.5 months old.



  • Yep! Lucas is doing this all the time at the moment! Unfortunately, like his father, he does it with his mouth open!

    I wasn't sure if he was just copying us as he watches us so intently now when we eat...
  • emmy just started doing this 8.5 months but she's just got her first (4!) teeth and i think it's partly because they hurt and partly because they're new to her mouth so she's exploring them. could your LO be teething? x
  • Hi chick

    O started doing this just before his first tooth came through and still occasionally does it (he has 2 now) Do you think it could be teeth related?

    H xx
  • Thanks for the replies girls. He's definitely teething - his top gums have been white for weeks, but some days it looks like they're almost through, others they've moved right back....maybe one is on it's way....

    Can't believe O's got his first two hun, OMG our babies are growing tooooo quickly!!! x
  • hey Ruth...

    I hope you and Benjamin are well?

    Megan is 14 weeks today and for the past few weeks has been chewing her tounge like you describe and more so this past week....although early she is def teething as she has white, bumpy bits on her gums, lots of dribbling, red cheeks and being a bit grumpy which isnt like her...

    i thought it might be due to teething but it was starting to worry me a wee bit so glad to see she isnt the only one...teething is horrible though.

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