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Hi girls, apologies in advance for the essay :lol:

My little lad has excema, he's had it for a while on the back of his knees and recently he has started getting it on his stomach. He's seen the doctor who has prescribed hydrocortisone for when he has a flare up, and diprobase to use the rest of the time. This did seem to be working until recently when, stupidly, we started washing the lo's stuff with ours in bio washing powder. He is obviously sensitive to this as his stomach suddenly got much worse, took us a week or two to work it out though as in the mean time I had bought new body suits which we used without washing so when he was wearing those he didn't get any worse. Have now swopped his washing powder and it's slowly getting better but the last few nights have been awful. He normally sleeps through from 7.30 till 5.30, has a feed and then goes back till 7.30-8ish. Last night he woke up at 3, we left him 5 mins to see if he would settle as he was shouting not crying, then he started screaming hysterically so I went in to find him obviously uncomfortable, clawing at the front of his sleeping bag trying to scratch himself. I gave him some calpol in case that would help, fed him to distract him while the calpol was working and settled him back down, he woke up again at 6, same thing but without the calpol but he wouldn't settle then so he, and I, and his big sister are having a very grumpy sort of a day :lol: Does anyone have any idea what I can do to help him sleep more comfortably, last night was the third night like that. Wondered about trying medised to see if the antihistamine might help with the itching but then I read that it can CAUSE excema so I'm thinking not. Going to take him back to the doctor next week but I'd be really grateful for any suggestions in the mean time.


  • Hi!
    A friend of mine uses calamine lotion on her excema (as well as what she was prescribed by the doc) and it really works for her. Im not sure if its baby safe though. xx
  • I was prescribed Piriton for my lO when he was like that. It worked quickly.
    My Lo is 16months now and just getting better, but he used to be bright red and itchy all over. HV I found were so much better then dr, they prescribe differernt things. A cxream called doublebase works for my son as well as Johnsons Aveeno cream (which I think you can get over the counter).
    Other than that I can only use fairy non bio, everything else sets his skin off and no softener as it outs an extra layer on clothes that can cause itchyness.
    Hope this helps and you get a good night . x
  • Thanks for the suggestions, I'm hoping that the doctor will prescribe piriton when we see him, hopefully we'll be able to get an appointment tomorrow but it's sometimes emergancies only on a Monday if they are very busy.
    I've already stopped using softener on his clothes as I know you mentioned on another post it can make excema work, at the minute we are using Persil non-bio with aloe vera which seems to be ok for him.
  • Re the washing powder. I've always found Fairy to be the best non bio.
    I don't really have any good advice for the eczema as my lo only suffers with dry skin sometimes (so use E45 after her bath). Oatmeal baths are supposed to be good for dry skin. Put some oatmeal in a (clean!) pair of tights then hang over the hot water tap so the oatmeal infuses in the water. Never tried it myself (don't have any tights!) but have used an oatmeal mask on my face once from Lush and it was fantastic. Made my skin really smooth.
    Not sure if that's helped at all!!!
  • Its horrible when its on their tummy as they seem to itch more there. Gabe never bothers about excema on his back, backs of knees, cheeks, elbows etc but on his tummy really annoys him. Even when the skin is clearish, he scratches...We use fibrocet cream (from docs) when he has a bad break out (at its worst it was open sores, HORRIBLE!) and it is brilliant stuff, but diprobase the rest of the time. He is oddly not sensitive to bio or non bio powder , makes no difference so we don't have that issue. I can't (and don't) use any products on him though apart from the diprobase. I only wash him in plain water even in the bath, and that is once a week (this sounds gross but it has helped the skin from drying out). Oilatum, even the fragrance free one, made him even more itchy so we dont use that anymore just water! Other than that no advice really.....except cotton vests...scratch mitts were rubbish for us, they do serve a purpose but we found even with them on, at his worst he rubbed himself raw still
    Hope he improves soon. Fibrocet is best for us! The excema went from open, weeping sores about 3inch big to nice smooth skin in days!!!
  • Sorry that he's getting so sore. I have exzema and am sensitive to pretty much everything so know how irritating it can be.
    I use various steroid creams and they all work to control flare ups. The ONLY moisturiser I can use is Aqueous cream which I also use as soap. Even plain water drys my skin so as soon as I've washed my hands I have to moisturise and do this several times a day.
    Your right about using non-bio and softner is a definite no no. The most common cause of exzema is dust mites and you can buy spray treatments for mattresses and pillows to kill them. I'm not sure though if they are baby safe. I also wash my bedding on a 90 degree wash to kill any on them.
    Also naked time is good for them as the air helps to clear it up. I always get a bit better in the summer when I'm in the sun but obviously wear high factor sun lotion - I use kids ones as again anything else makes me itch.

  • Thank you very much for all the ideas. I am pleased to say we had a much better night last night. I plastered him in diprobase every time I changed his nappy yesterday and then put him to bed in a lighter sleeping bag than normal to try and keep him cool. He did wake up a couple of times but managed to settle himself again so he had his feed at 5.00 and then got up at 7.45 so it looks like we might be getting back to normal. Poor little man is still all bumpy and itchy but he seems much more cheerful today.
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