daytime naps for baby

My LO is 4 months old and was sleeping through the night just before christmas until about a week ago. She now wakes between 3 and 5 but has increased her daytime naps by herself. I don`t want to annoy her and wake her which will only make her grisly. Any suggestions as to how i can turn it back around? Anything at all will be really helpful x


  • sometimes at 4months they have a growth spurt maybe she is a little hungry. Have you started weaning, maybe a little bit of baby rice before her milk at bedtime, but whatever you do, dont start feeding her milk in the night. I made this mistake with my little girl and she is 9months now and still waking up in the night. If that fails try the crying control, make sure she is dry, warm etc and then let her settle herself. It may take a few weeks (we are on night 5 now!) but it does work eventully and they learn that there is no point in waking as they will not be getting anything. Hope this helps x
  • ps: the more sleep babies get the more they need (so my mum says!) so i wouldnt worry about naps in the day but if she is sleeping past 3 I would try and put her down a bit earlier so she is awake by 3 and has a good few hours before bed.
  • Likewise, the more Ruby sleeps in the day, the more she sleeps and the more soundly at night!
    How bizarre!
  • Thanks girls for the advice, it`s all relative! She has put on 1lb 13oz over the last 4 weeks so I`m not really sure if that`s a massive amount or not? I`m a big softie as well and not really good at the controlled crying but i`ll just keep trying x
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