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Dark Green Smelly Poo!

Hi girls,

Not the nicest of topics but just wondered if anybody's LO has dark green smelly poos?

My DS is formula fed on Aptamil First and probably has a poo every day to every other day. Since he started on Aptamil First he poo has been this horrid colour (like a dark racing green colour) which is quite strong smelling and very soft. Initially, they were a mustard yellow/green colour when he was on sma gold (which we had to change as he was constipated on this).

I mentioned it to the Heath Visitor who said any shade of green or brown is considered safe but I thought I'd post for re-assurance. Is the colour normal?

Many thanks xx


  • My lo is bf but she quite often has green poos, they vary between yellow and dark or bright green. I also mentioned this to GP at post natal and he said it was healthy.
  • my son was the same but has had really bad colic so i asked my sister to ask at work (she works in hospital) and baby doctor said its the milk getting in to baby system, as it can take a few weeks, if milk hasnt been changed it can be trapped wind x
  • hmm, not sure where ur hv got that piece of info is probably just ds tummy getting used to the change in milk and shld return to noaml within a week or two, however green poo can be a sign of many things: tummy bugs, colds, teething, too much milk, not enough milk, too much fore milk, not enough hind milk, allergies/intolerances etc. aslong as ur lo is putting on a nice amount of wieght and seems happy enough then it probably is just the change of milk, but green poo can be a sign of other issues too, so is definately not to be ignored on all occasions. my hv also told me ds green poo was fine when i asked her about it when he was just a few weeks old...finally at 4.5months he was diagnosed as cows milk intolerant, once he was put on soya his poo changed to a nice healthy mustard colour.

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  • Hi girls,

    thanks for youe advice.

    Wowbaby - what made you persevere with the doctors? Did your DS have other symptoms? My DS seems to be alright in himself other than not drinking a lot of his milk? He only probably has 22-25 oz milk max per day and he is 13 weeks old. He is suffering from quite bad eczema at the moment and wriggles a lot in his sleep. Could he be cows milk intolerant? Is it something which babies grow out of?

    Many thanks x
  • Ok...I feel like im always talking about this but I know how awful these things are!!

    Both my twin boys are cows milk protein intollerant, although Alfie has more symptoms than Ryan.

    Their symptoms were
    - silent reflux
    - bad tummy ache which resulted in them pulling their knees to their tummy and crying out
    - crying, wriggling and whinging for about 30mins - 1hr after a feed
    - green, 'toxic' nappies
    - eventually refusing to drink any milk at all
    - severe excema

    It was the excema that made my GP refer them. Nothing to do with the lack of milk intake!! The paed was surprised we hadnt been referred earlier - the boys were 17 weeks. We are now on Neocate which has the milk protein broken down so they can digest it. The paed wanted to try this before soya - although that would have been the next step.

    The boys were generally fairly happy between feeds.


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 24 weeks

    p.s. Def see someone soon as we are now waiting to see a dermatologist as Alfie's skin got so bad that the change in milk has failed to make it better.
  • Thanks for the info Gemmiebaby, I really feel for you with your LO's. I hope the specialist can help you out.

    My DS' appetite although diminished slightly is happy after his feeds. His eczema is slight which generally clears up after lots and lots of emollient. The main symptom he has are these dark green nappies. I may take him to the doctor's for peace of mind as his poo's have been like this for several weeks now xx
  • what made me perservere with the docs was that i knew somehting wasn't right, and that it wasn't just colic and rflux, he wld vomit up whole feeds, with each feed, and not immediately after cld be right up til the next one, he had a rash, wld scream everytime he farted or pooed, and this wld also wake him in the night and eventually started losing weight, at first i thought the docs were right, cos well, they know what they're doing, but then on speaking to my mum and my MIL it transpired that OH and i had been the same as babies and we had both been lactose intolerant, docs still chose to ignore me tho, and it was only when we moved house when he was 4.5months we changed docs and immediately that p put him on soya. eczema and skin rashes are generally hand in hand with some sort of allergy or intolerance. if u think there is a possibilty of intolerance then do see ur gp, i tend to find hv's pretty useless at anything other weighing babies tbh. hth xx
  • Hi, I'm sorry that this reply is 5 years later than yours but wondered if you had any results with your baby. My baby also has eczema and dark green poos but that's about it he seems good otherwise. Obviously don't want to ignore a cows milk allergy. He's going on 6 months but health visitors says he's well. thanks. X

  • Hi there, how is your baby now? My son is 17 weeks old, I changed his milk to SMA as he didn't seem to like Aptamil, now his poo is dark green and really smelly and he doesn't really want to eat but he is fine



  • Hi Tanya, I am wondering since you posted over a month ago if you had a resolve to his. My LO is 8 weeks old and I had him on Aptamil and just changed him to SMA comfort, today his poo is dark green and very smelly. Will this change as his body gets used to the new formula? 



  • image. My 10 week old formula feed daughter has been having toxic smelling green poos for the last week..she is fed aptamil gold plus  I have no idea what could be causing it.. Waiting to get into the paediatrician

  • Hi there

    I'm new to this and a new mum. For the past week my LO has been straining to poop. I took her to my GP and was told that she aas not constipated but she had colic.

    She has been able to poop every other day and it has been mustard coloured but really watery (again a possible sign of constipation). It seemed to get worse over the Christmas holidays, so called the HV and she advised to change her formula from SMA Gold to SMA Comfort as it's easier on the digestive system which we did yesterday. Straining still continued with no BM

    Today however we had a BM but the colour had changed from mustard yellow to forest green (like Dolly1993 above).

    Any idea as to what this could be? I have the HV for weighing on Tuesday but wondering your thoughts.


  • Hi JoseyJo85,

    Trapped wind or Colic can cause constipation symptoms  (the wind sits in the bowel & needs passing along with the poo).

    The green colour can be linked to the feed, especially if you have recently switched formula. 

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. My baby was on SMA gold and was switched to the SMA comfort milk as advise by the health visitor as baby suffered with reflux and trapped wind. Now I'm finding she smells like a farm animal and the poo is really dark green. image I'm not sure it's normal but im told it is. Could be transition from one milk to the other? 

  • It is perfectly normal. Been on comfort milk since new year and we have had this green poip. We can't wait until we start weaning, it apparently gets very interesting

  • Hi girls, my lb is 4 weeks old, I haven't changed his milk but he he has been struggling to poo the last few days, tonight when I changed his nappie there wasn't alot but it was a dark green colour, he riggles about a lot before he falls asleep when I lie him down and can be Sick after some feeds its not very often though bit it seems to be a lot 🙈!! 

  • Some HV's say that green poop is also indicative of a windy baby or an intolerance. The riggling could be either, our little one used to wriggle when she was on PRO. Currently trying to wean her back onto Pro from Confort as she is almost 4 months old. Speak to the HV, ours was really good

  • image hello guys sorry it's a few years after the start of this post. Is this a normal colour poo for a 5 week old baby. He is happy to eat sleeps straight after a bottle, is only sick a small amount after a bottle and doesn't seem to be in any discomfort as he will lie down after a bottle and doesn't really cry. I have changed his milk recently from cow and gate first stage to cow and gate comfort for constipation and colic as he has been slighty constipated recently. 

  • Hello there. We had the same reaction when we went to comfort milk so I assume so. I was worried but HV said that forest green poop was normal for the type of milk

  • Hello my little one who is 12 weeks old but was 8 weeks early. He has been constipated for 4 weeks been to doctors to get surpostryes and laxtolose for this he went the other day but his poo was all green and thick and a bit slimy and it smells so bad. Does anyone know if this is normal or is this back to the doctors job??

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