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baby portraits??

Hi all,

i'm looking to give my husband a baby and mummy portrait for christmas but dont have any idea where to start now that olan mills has gone bankrupt! does anyone know of any studios now that do that sort of thing but dont cost the earth!!
lisa x


  • Hi Lisa

    In one of your bounty packs, there should ave been a voucher which entitles you to 4 free sittings & 4 free photos of baby( 1 each at 6 monthly intervals for first 2 years). You send this off and they send you details of nearest photographer. You book a session and they takes lots, but you get the 1st photo free(12x8). Our nearest was a mothercare store so maybe ask if you have one close...or Boots
  • we had ours done in mothercare as well, although i didnt get my hospital bounty pack as noone was in the days i was there!!! the sitting cost ??5 and we got one free pic. ended up spending ??200!!! i think we had new baby blindness!
  • Hi,if you have a digital camera you could get someone to take a picture for you and you can go to tescos to have them blown up on canvas in various shapes and sizes! thats what we are doing for some xmas gifts.i think prices start from ??29!
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