Help its 3am

Apologies now the rubbish spelling but its 3am.

Me and DS have been up for the last hour, he's managed to cough himself awake.

I'm not sure if its a chest infection, the beginning of asthma or croup - Anyone out there know what croup sounds like and if so should I be taking him to a dr??

Thanks for reading and any help you can send my way - will check back at a more civilised hour


  • I think a croup cough is really deep, ie. it sounds like it is coming from the depths and is also deep in pitch. Sorry rubbish way of describing it, but can't think of a better way at 5am! :roll: It's supposed to be one of those coughs easily recognised I think. I'd say it depends on how bad lo is as to whether you go to the dr. If it's keeping him awake, or he's got a temp, or having trouble breathing at all, it's always better to go in my book. I'm not sure how old he is, but under 3 months, and I'd definitely consider a trip to dr. HTH. xx
  • Hi, G/c as my dd has had croup. It is a deep barking sort of a cough and a noise when they are breathing as well. I'd get him seen to be on the safe side, especially as its a bank holiday weekend.. The treatment for croup is steaming-I ended up stuck in the kitchen with Grace and 2 cats for around 50 hours with pans of water steaming on the hob! If it isn't croup he may need medication.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the help ladies, going to see if the dr is open in a bit after a severe caffine fix and I suppose I better get dressed dribble covered pjs are probably not the way to go this morning.
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