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Hi Ladies

My little girl is 23wks old and I started to wean her on Monday. I'm using the recipes out of the Annabel Karmel book and have her ice cube trays as well. My question is shall I give my little girl a whole ice cube and then her milk after. The annabel karmel ice cube trays are quite deep and I don't want to over feed my little girl.

Advice greatly appreciated.



  • Hi,

    With Louise, I let her guide how much she eats. To begin with it looked like she'd eaten alot but she was wearing more than she had eaten! I would feed her (bf) and then offer her food 1/2 hour to an hour after.

  • Lily is 24 weeks and I give her two cubes but she only really takes 3 teaspoons of it. She has most of her milk then I offer her food. That way works best for us. After a few teaspoons she then will finish her milk. I have noticed that she is now not wanting as much milk from her 11am feed.
  • i have the book too, but i have little pots from mother care, millie nearly eats the whole pot but if shes had enough she'll let me know! i'm not giving her anymore for a while not until she eats the whole pot every time which she doesnt xxx
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