How soon after????

How soon after should i expect my first period, i bleed for about 3weeks(tmi) after Gracie was born and she will be 7 weeks on thursday, confused as i thought i would of had one by now??? Also im bottle feeding and only breastfed for a week?

Thanks Ladies

Cara and Gracie



  • Hiya i stopped bleeding after 5 weeks and then 5 days later got my first period and had nothing since! (my lo is 7 months!) apparently this is quite normal though! Cant say im complaining hehe x
  • hi i had first period 4 weeks after bleeding stopped
  • I stopped bleeding after about 2 weeks and got my period back at 6 weeks exactly.
  • i had my 1st period 5 weeks after the bleeding stopped and i was breastfeeding x
  • I bottle feed, and lo 19 weeks now. Bled for 5 weeks, had a weeks break then had my first period. Had normal periods since then but they seem to be much heavier now than before I got pregnant.
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