tips for colds please

hi all charlotte has a stinking cold and was wondering if any1 has any tips as she is really grizzly and will not settle to sleep even though she looks really tired ,shes also very snuffly .any advice would be much appreciated thanks claire x url=]


  • Nasosal (saline drops) from chemist worked a treat for Eoin to clear his little nose and help him breathe xxxx
  • A few drops of olbas oil in a bowl of water placed near the radiator helps too!
  • i fill a pot/bowl/basin anything really with boiled water and a few drops of olbas oil in the room near the cot but out of there reach if they are at the age of putting hands through the bars. and its always worked great for my older two.
  • I now mothercare or it could be babies r us do blocks that you put on the legs of the cot helps with the breating. Not used them though as little one is only 3 weeks but i have used the nasosal can be brought at asda or morrisons in the baby dept.
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