Can babies eat it - my lo is 9 months and I'm not veggie but often eat quorn as a low fat alternative and wondered if he could have it too? Such as cottage pie or bolognese made with quorn mince instead of beef mince??



  • I do Tyler bolognase with Quorn as it dosnt have all the grissley bits you get in mince and it is high in protein. but tbh I never checked the salt content. Im pretty sure its ok though. xx xx
  • just googled and found this:

    It contains 88 percent Mycoprotein (mushroom), free range egg white, and roasted barley malt.

    Per 100g it contains 94 calories, 14.5g of protein, 4.5 g of carbohydrates (0.6g sugar)and 2g of fat. It also contains just 0.2g of sodium, so is excellent for people on a low salt diet.
    It's entirely gm free, as well as being free of artificial preservatives and colourings, and is approved by the vegetarian society.

  • thanks hun x
  • Just be slightly careful. I have an allergy to Quorn and it gives me extremely stomach ache and diarrhoea. :\(

    You shouldn't have any problems if there is no history of allergies but introduce it slowly. It also contains egg white so I would introduce that first so that you know where any adverse reaction comes from.

    Here is some advice on Quorn that I found on the internet:


    Hope that helps,
    H xx
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