Can LO have these foods?

DD is 6 and a half months old. Just to check if I have the right info!!

She can have white toast? (not brown, too much fibre?)
She can have baby cereal. Can she have ready brek or wheatabix? And it has to be the blue top, full fat milk? (I need to save my expressed milk for babysitting!)
Baby rice cakes?
Pasta shapes? White or brown?

I'm just trying to think of some finger foods I can try her on beyond fruit or veg! She's not really keen on purees!

Thanks xx


  • Hi,
    After 6 months, bubs can have pretty much anything you have. Advice is to avoid honey, raw shellfish, runny eggs, whole nuts (choking hazard) but peanut butter is fine. Keep things low salt and low sugar. And you're right re brown bread, avoid low fat and high fibre foods because babies need as many calories and nutrients as possible from the small portions they're eating. It wont harm them, same as semi milk and brown pasta, they just wont be getting as much from what they're taking.
    For finger foods just cut anything into manageable sizes/shapes and off they go. Have fun.
  • I think they can have brown bread (as in wholemeal, not grainy) in moderation. You also have to be careful of white bread because of the sugar in it - so you can't win! I get white and brown and alternate each morning. I use pita bread sometimes for lunches/snacks.

    They can have weetbix but I was told to add formula or breastmilk rather than cow's milk until 12 months.

    Not sure about rice cakes - I thought they were fine but here in NZ it says on the packet "from 9 months"? So will be interested to see what others back in the UK say.

    I thought pasta was fine and just used the same as me and DH had...hope that's OK!!

    C image
  • As MummyJackson says, (common sense permitting) they can have anything from 6 months - apart from honey. HTH. Nx
  • For finger food ideas

    she can eat basically anything past 6 months bar honey

  • charlotteb - cows milk is fine in cereal - you just can't give it as a drink until about 12 months. image
  • Re the packets saying 9 months+ Charlotte, I think all these things come from traditional weaning stages. Things like baby rice/porridge state from 4 months - despite UK guidelines nothing but milk till 6 months. As the foods progress to snacks etc the recommended age goes up - so I think traditionally people wouldn't have fed rice cakes etc till approx 9 months and so think the manufacturers have stuck with that on their packets. I may be wrong, but that's what I've taken from it?
  • Yay thanks mummyjackson, I've been dying to give him rice cakes because I'm sure he will love them and I'm running out of snack foods!!

    And thanks nikkiandneil for clarifying re cow's milk, that's going to make life easier in the morning image

    Sorry for hijacking!
  • Great, thanks for all the info ladies, much help as usual!! xx
  • The other thing to bear in mind is making sure that you're not giving them anything they could choke on or get stuck in their throat. Grapes for example should be cut in half and depending on your baby's age, peeled as those skins can stick pretty good to the inside of your mouth.

    Charlotte, Hugo used to love ricecakes but they're too bland for him now so unless they're smothered in cream cheese, he's not interested!
  • Yes 6 1/2 months can have anything as long as meat cooked well and definitely no high sugar/high salt/high fibre or low fat. White bread and pasta are meant to be better but obviously brown pasta is better for adults so can't win!

    I started giving my ds whole milk on cereal (baby cereal's a rip off, just give weetabix or readybrek) at 6 months and also contrary to most people thoughts they can even have tap water (still boiled in bottles).xx
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