bloody cowboy builders

omg i have a roofer out, i reported it to the letting agency in dec and finally out they come its like dumb n dumber. i swear i could prpbs do a better job lol. It took 30 mins to get the ladders off the van another 30 mins to think bout where to put them lol and now they are chatting on phones so glad im not paying them lol, its now 11.30 been here since 8 and they are just going on the roof lol.

My OH is a joiner but has done some roofing hes gone out n they were winding him up lol


  • omg now they have come in to tell me they are going on lunch so i can go out for an hour or two, well bloody thank u, omg, where do they get these people argh x i wouldnt mind but the reason i told the lettings agency is because my sons room is damp, wet walls and black at top its disgraceful, we pay our rent so surely they should get it sorted by professionals
  • They sound bloody awful! I work for a letting agency (not sticking up for letting agencies though..honest) and it might be that the landlord insists on using their own contractor who is rubbish, or that the landlord has been crap and not wanted to pay out for repairs - it does happen. Course it couldj ust be that the letting agency is crap cause that also happens image

    Anyway- just wanted to say that if it doesn't get sorted you should report it to your local councils private housing dept - if its whats counted as a necessary repair then the council will serve notice on the landlord or agent saying it must be done and the council will inspect to make sure its done ok.

    Hope it gets sorted though
  • cheers kia, i think these are the landlords choice tbh but omg when will they actually work lol
  • Just whatever you do, don't offer them a brew and a biccie else they'll never get started! lol!!
  • Don't even talk to me about builders! I live above a spar that's being refurbished and for the last 3 weeks the builders have started work at 8am everyday (except sundays) as they've removed all the cladding from the ceilings downstairs there's only floorboards between my flat an the spar so the noise has been unbearable, they're doing my head in! They've been in and out of my flat doing electrics and making a bloody mess and every day that i've struggled to carry the pram up and down the outside stairs to my flat to take my other little boy too school, not one of them (at least 5 builders there at one time) has offered to give me a hand instead they just stare at me while I struggle, bloody builders!!
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