Cot gymnastics-so do you use a sleeping bag for daytime nap?

Hi, in the last couple of weeks Archie has been getting more and more mobile in his cot. He's been rolling over for ages etc but never really in his cot.
But now when I put him down for afternoon nap I tuck him in with a blanket and leave the room. That's when the gymnastics start.....he rolls over, upside down, legs up through bars of cot and his latest trick sitting up in cot (thankfully not mastered pulling himself up in cot to standing yet) It takes at least 30mins for him to go to sleep.

He's such a monkey, when I go into check on him he's just sitting there laughing at me.

But at nightime I put him in his sleeping bag and put him down and he goes off to sleep no bother (most of the time !). So do you use sleeping bag for daytime naps ? I only use it as night, not sure why. Habit or maybe to distinguish between nap time and nightime sleep ?
What do you do ? Suz x


  • I stopped using a sleeping bag as soon as Shea could stand up at about 9-10months as he would try and stand then smash into the bars!!

    As far as I can remember he wasn't too bad when rolling, the bag would just get twisted round his legs, although i'm sure i stopped the bag at daytime a bit earlier - My memory is shot to bits!!
    I think its good to distinguish between nap and proper bed time
  • I use a sleeping bag whenever Barney goes in his cot!! He still wriggles about and pulls up but it definitely slows him down a bit!
  • I only use a sleeping bag at night. At the moment Charlotte is fast asleep having a nap in just her nappy!
  • thats a coincidence so is Shea ccbmommy - just rang MIL and she said he's fasto in cot in just his nappy - unusual for her - I thought she's have a jumper, coat and blankets!!!
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