Taking baby formula on a plane....

does anyone know the best way to cater for baby on a flight to the US?
cartons of formula, or take the formula powder (ready measured out in containers - not the whole tub!) and make it up as and when it's needed?
Will it be easy enough to get the powder through security?


  • I think that a few airports offer a pre-order service. Once you're checked and through security you can go to Boots and pick up your pre-ordered formula. I'm not sure of the details but it sounds pretty easy to me so may be worth looking into x
  • Don't take the cartons. They might make you open them to taste them and then they're pretty much useless. Take bottles of water and take the powder separately. If you use SMA, you can by powder sachets. For the SMA gold, each sachet is for a 4oz bottle. For SMA progress, each sachet is a 6oz bottle. We've flown to Canada twice with our baby and that's what we did both times and never had a problem. I have a friend who flew with cartons and she had to open them at security which meant that they had to be used pretty much right away and she ended up throwing them out. Luckily she was able to buy some SMA cartons at Boots, but her baby normally drank Cow and Gate. I have heard of the preorder service Boots provides, but I've never used it.
  • Thanks.
    I've got the powder containers that you can put inside the tommy tippee bottles then just mix them when you need to - think i'll just go with that method.
  • On a similar vein, are we ok to take through calpol and bonjela? poor wee man won't make it through the trip without these!
  • We used the powder containers with the tommee tippee and didn't have a problem with taking the powder through. We put cooled boiled water in the bottles and took a flask of boiling water to top them up with so they wee lukewarm to get the powder to mix better. Flying from Stansted we got asked to taste the water in the bottles so they may ask you to do that.
    May be worth checking with the airline how strict they are in the US though? x
  • I don't think i'll even put water in all of the bottles, and just ask the airline staff to give us some freshly boiled water on the plane.
    On the bright side, i mix feed, so lo won't go hungry - if it comes to it, i can whip out a boob!
  • I have the powder containers...It's good to know that's OK. My baby is only 10 days old but we are going to Malta in October for a wedding!
  • On a similar vein, are we ok to take through calpol and bonjela? poor wee man won't make it through the trip without these!

    I bought both of these at Boots once I was through security, but when I left Canada, I had them in my bag and no one said anything. You should be allowed to take them, but you might have to sample them.
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