why wont he sleep?

Hi ladies
Sorry I havent been on in a while, been so busy and just exhausted!
Theo is soooo bad at night. He wakes up every hour or so and wont go back to sleep without being picked up and having a few sips of milk, he then falls asleep in the bottle but is put down awake and will usually fall asleep with his dummy. but it can take me anything up to an hour to get him back off once he's woken up, he used to wake every couple of hours but just wanted his dummy and I thought that was bad enough, I'd give anything for him to do that now! He has a cold and a nasty cough at the moment and part of me wonders if he wants the milk to soothe his sore throat? He's having medised at bed time but its not making any difference.
Help! what can I do???


  • Hi hun, well sounds like Theo is being a little monkey. Archie is the same. Last night woke up loads I'd settle him and then he woke every 5-10-15-20 mins for hours until I eventually took him in with me. But he does this every 2nd night. I bet tonight he'll sleep thru.
    A couple of wks ago I realised he was waking in the night for a habit/comfort feed so we decided to go cold turkey and offer water in the middle of the night.It was tough for a couple of nights but he doesn't wake so often now and if he does it's not for a feed. I think he just tests me every 2nd night to see is I've changed my mind about feeding him. If he's just waking cos his throat is sore try water instead of milk as it would soothe his throat the same ? S x
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