Bottle feeding - How much and how often!

Am sat here stressing ...

Really had no idea when leaving the hospital how much and when baby would need feeding, so have got all information from books and the internet.

My little boy is currently 5 weeks old and is a good, healthy and 'normal' weight for his age. He is feeding every 3 hours, and is being offered a 5oz bottle! He takes between 3 and 5 oz but its usually more around the 4oz mark.

Is this normal? The tub says a 5 week old should be taking 5 feeds in 24 hours ~ 5oz bottle!

Liam is having 8 feeds in 24 hours - having an average of 40z per feed!

Also anyone got any tips on how I can get him to sleep through the night without wanting a feed or when this is likely to start happening!

Emma and Liam - 5 weeks xx


  • Hi there

    Adam has six feeds in 24 hours and takes between 4 and 6 oz per feed - less than the tub says he should be having! He is putting on weight and is in the 91st centile though, so it is obviously not doing him any harm!

    I think the rule of thumb is to multiply your LO's weight in lbs by 2.5 - this gives the number of ozs they should be drinking in a 24 hour period (again, Adam is having less than this with no apparent problems)...

    How many times is Liam waking in the night? Some books say they can start going through the night at 8 weeks if you feed 3-hourly during the day (this is what we are aiming for)...

    Adam has his last bottle at 6.30pm, is in bed asleep by 7.30pm, wakes between 2am and 4am for a feed than back down until 6-7am. He has gone 8pm to 6am once, but I think it was just a fluke! image

    Cath and Adam (7 weeks and 3 days)
  • hi there

    sounds like your lo is doing fine, every 3 hours is pretty normal at this age, and 4oz sounds reasonable too. you could get him weighed every week or two to keep an eye on his weight gain, and if he is gaining you know he getting enough milk. as for sleeping through the night, my lo didnt until he was 15 weeks old and still doesnt every night. as your lo is still young his tummy is still small so he cant take enough milk to keep him full through the night yet, but it will get easier!

    ashy x
  • Hi,

    My daughter was 8wks on Sunday and she takes 3oz every 3hrs....she used to take 4oz but that didnt last long...also she is no-where nr sleeping through yet image But it will happen one day!

    Try not to worry about the amount your LO is taking, as long as he is gaining weight and is happy thats all that matters. The info on the tin is just guidelines and every baby is different.

  • the box is only a guide, it drove me mad at the start as we were well over the recommended guidelines, we did switch to hungry baby formula in the end as he was hungry straight after a feed and we fought to get to the next, if we did feed him 1-2 hourly like he wanted he would be sick as his tummy wasnt big enough to fit it in!

    jacob has been sleeping through from 12 weeks, he now has 5, 7oz bottles between 7am (wake up) and 7:30pm (bedtime)

    we did dreamfeed for a few weeks to help him get through but he dropped that himself

    good luck x
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