RANT.....Am I silly cow...don't think so!

My oh took lo out for walk in park yesterday as weather nice. We took her out her pushchair & I was holding her so she was facing forwards and my hand under her bum so she could look where she was going (she's quite nosey)!

Anyway, there was a woman & oh coming towards us with a dog on an extendable lead. As they walked past us her dog ran in front of me and started to wrap itself round my legs. The lead was almost wrapped around my lo's neck & as I had hands fill could not do anything!! Oh turned round & saw what was happening and ran back and grabbed the lead before lo got strangled!!!! I looked at the women expecting an apology (like I would have done if it was me) but all she said was "oh you silly dog" in a pathetic voice. I went mad and shouted can't you control your dog, so she replied "you silly cow he is under control cos he's on a lead". My oh went mad & told her to F'#* off and gave them the bird - he's normally really laid back!

I could not believe this woman. The lead was literally about to throttle my baby!!!! If my hands weren't full I would have walloped her! I just thought she was really rude & horrible for not apologizing.
You can tell which people prefer animals to children can't you....?!



  • what a bitch! ide of slapped the silly cow! and kicked the dog up the arse too! xxx
  • OMG that is TERRIBLE I cant believe someone would act like that!! Stupid woman! I don't know what to say, its shocking. Hope you are all over your ordeal today xxx
  • She had one of those Paris Hilton type dogs (and was also trying to look like her too) Trouble was she looked about 50 odd!
    Lo was ok - she just looked a bit bemused by the whole thing - ahhh!
  • I get just as annoyed with dogs around the park.Mostly people are sensible and keep their dogs away from children but I suppose you just get some stupid people.

    My son has been knocked over twice in the park by dogs and the owners just say things like oh don't worry he won't bite - I'm sorry but how do they know that i'm sure all owners think that their dog won't bite but dogs can be unpredictable sometimes.

    Oh and don't get me started on DOG POO its everywhere:x
  • Silly cow. Sounds like she resembles that mad old perma-tan woman with the little dog froom There's Something About Mary! At least your lo will eventually be out nappies, she'll be picking up shit and dumping it up in a nappy sack for a damn site longer!!! lol!
  • dont you just hate these people, I took my 3 year old to the park the other day and this rat dog thing came running up to her and jumping at her, she was almost hysterical and was screaming so i picked her up only for this bloody dog to start jumping up and licking Isaacs face and barking at him whilst he was in the pushchair so he started crying too.

    I told the owner that if she had no control over her dog she should not let it off the lead in a public place, she just replied that he was a puppy and knew no better and that if i made an issue of it then i would make my children frightened of dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF no love its people like you with out of control animals that jump and bark all over poor unsuspecting children that give them a fear of dogs. grrr rant over.
  • i have a group on face book about letting dogs off leads in public places as i was walking home with my 3 yr old daughter and 12 week old son from play school a few months back and a black labradour(sp?) ran and jumped at her knocking her back on to her head with full pelt and continued to jump all over her i was dragging it off her and it was going back for more i managed to pick her up then he went in my babys pushchair!! i ended up kicking the dog eventualy the dogs owner came running up grabbed him and ran off!!!!!! but i knew who he was and reported him to the police after a few months they got back to me and said we have contacted him and 'advised' him to send the dog to dog classes ... WTF!!!!my poor 3 year old daughter is now fright to death of dogs and this is 6 months later!
  • I'm quite neurotic when walking my dog and I don't let him off the lead where there are children or other dogs (it forces me to have a run then too!). My neighbour lets his dog off the lead and allows it to run at people and other dogs. My dog (on his lead) automatically defends me when another dog is nearby. I was shouting to this guy to call his dog back, my dog snapped and snarled at it leaving it's collar all wet. The man came running up to get his dog saying 'poor baby' to it then told me I should put a muzzle on mine!! The cheek my dog was under control and could tell I was frightened, that's why he snapped.

    When it comes to kids my dog is brilliant but I would never leave him alone on the room with my lo. I had to have my spaniel put to sleep recently because I couldn't trust her, my baby (and others) come first, no question. Reading your post ccbmommy made my blood boil and I feel really sick with anger. I'm glad to hear you and your family are ok. I feel like finding that woman and giving her what for.
  • Oh thats disgusting! I think I'd have been tempted to wrap the lead round the silly cows neck! Don't get me started on dogs.. I'm sick of the neighbours dog barking all the time!

    Dogs definately shouldn't be allowed off the lead in public places.. I'm not afraid of dogs but I don't appreciate random strange dogs coming and jumping up on me.. I'd hate to think of one doing it to Cole. Bad enough when I was walking along and some stupid ass threw a stick for his dog ..aimed right at us walking towards him and it landed about a foot in front of the pram. If I hadn't been so shocked at the guys stupidity I would have said something!
  • omg shes the silly cow!!
    i once had a washing line (used as a dog lead by the owner, so the dog could roam about the garden) wrapped round my ankle and now i have a really deep scar as the metal bit cut thru the plastic and into my ankle...

    i would have smacked her one :x
  • I am a dog lover....but I hate those stupid retractable leads, they're so dangerous! Grrr the stupid woman. I remember I was once riding my bike & got caught in an extendeable lead grrrrr. My mum has 3 cocker spaniels & we do let them off the lead but they arent much interested in people, just other dogs!
  • I often carry my lo in exactly the same way as she too is noisy, i have never thought of it being a problem, well you wouldn't think of something like that happening, i can't believe she didn't apologise.
    If i let my dog off the lead and see people with other dogs or children i always hold his collar or put the lead back on.
    He is old and completely loves children and whilst i think he would never bite i never risk it, he is never left alone with my lo, after all he is old and maybe a little grouchy at times.
  • Dog owners like that really wind me up - its not just biting that scares kids anyway, its charging towards them and knocking them over too. I got my dog phobia that way, got charged by a huge dog when I was four years old, I still cross the road when I see a dog and get panicky when they bark. I get so angry with people saying 'oh my dog won't do anything' when I'm trying to stay calm and ask them to take the dog away from me or on a leash when I tell them I have a phobia.
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