Another foodie question, or two!

Sorry, me again with yet another foodie question - can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing?!?!

Before I give DD bread or adult cereals like readybrek, do I have to try her on baby cereals and porridge first because of the no-gluten issue? Or can i try her straight onto bread and readybrek? Just that she responds better when she had finger foods, which I can hardly do with baby cereal or porridge!! (She had baby porridge as her very first three meals).

Can I freeze raw fruits? At the mo I have frozen cooked fruits, but again because she likes to hold her food i have given her a couple of raw fruit chucks (peach) to have. I want to be able to cut a fruit up and freeze them like that so I can take one as and when. Shes not eating enough for me to get out and cut an entire fruit which would just go to waste if I don't like that particular fruit! I haven't frozen raw veg yet as they are too hard for her, I've always cooked them first, but many fruits are quite soft.

With water, is it a case of preservering again and again with each meal?! She won't even take it from her regular bottle, let along a 6 month beaker! I really need her to be drinking water so that breastfeeding can be reduced for when I go back to work - an entire other issue which is in the BF chat!!

PS, DD is 6 and half months old



  • OK from what I remember (Its been 2 years since I weaned DD1 and DD2 isnt old enough yet) you can give bread and cereal ie weetabix and porridge from 6 months. I know I did and had no problems.
    As for freezing fruit in pieces, you can buy frozen fruit but it tends to go a bit mushy when it is defrosted so I guess it would do the same thing. Its worth a try tho.

    Keep perservering with the water. You could always try adding a tiny drop of fruit juice or putting chunks of fruit in it to give it a bit of flavour.

    Serena X
  • Hi

    We give Adam his juice in a small bottle. He just dribbles everywhere with a beaker and can't manage a sippy cup yet.

    I know you're BF, but could you try DD on a bottle? Then when she is used to drinking juice/water, you could start introducing a beaker?

    Adam is so hit and miss with taking fluids. Some days he'll drain the little bottle, other days he just dribbles it all out, or pushes the teat right out of his mouth. After quite a bit of trial and error I've found that he tolerates it a bit better if the water is warm and has a bit of Ribena in!

    This website might be helpful when it comes to freezing fruit (we don't have a freezer!!)

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