finally well enough to come on here :D

I am so glad to hear most every one has had lovely christmas days...

Our entire household came down with influenza... next year please allows us just to receive coal in our stockings...

All three girls and myself had fevers up at 106 degrees between the really sore throats, coughs, vomiting and all over body aches it's been a rough few days. I managed to get a good inner ear infection just for fun, and my poor baby has just laid on my la the last two days looking all glazed over eyes and limp (really scary). The fevers seem to have broken now and they finally opened the first couple presents this morning. I had thought this year was going to be hard as it's the first christmas with their dad gone, and we have no family near by, but it was a just a fraction harder than I'd anticipated. I'm really hoping I might be able to salvage christmas dinner and cook it up in a few days. Sorry for the moan.

Belated merry christmas to every one and to a much healthier new year image



  • oh hun send big hug to you all and take care and you can all way moan to me
  • oh hun huge hugs to you. Merry Christmas and I hope you are all feeling better soon. You sound like supermum! Well done to you. love to you all xx
  • Oh no! I hope you manage to have a great belated celebration when your all better.

    Lisa and Louise
  • Oh that sounds dreadful! Glad to hear your all starting to recover now and hope you manage to have your belated xmas day soon. xxx
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