returning to work part time.....UPDATE


well, I didnt get a letter and then they got the 'ofsted phone call' so everything got put on hold for yet another week.

I eventually said that if something wasn't agreed soon I may have no other choice than to return to my full time position. Knowing that she hadn't actually held this open for me she very quickly aranged another meeting which was this morning.

I've got my 1 day a week - huge relief!!!


AM - Mix of working with groups and/or individuals with writing, covering classes if someone is on a course, covering a class so a teacher can have a meeting with the senco or take groups/individuals.

PM - teaching Year 5 (I am Early years/ks1 trained) ICT, PE, DT, all subjects I enjoy and I was ICT and DT coordinator so should know what i'm doing! They are a nice class, I've never taught them but I have taught lots of thier siblings.

Now it all feels too real and I dont want to go back to work but am pleased that I do have a job to return to for the hours I wanted while my Mum looks after Louise.



I need to vent!

When I left for maternity leave as a teacher I was told by the head teacher that she would find me the hours I wanted when I returned.

Well, I put off contacting her addmittedly (sp?) and then had huge trouble actually getting hold of her!

I ended up writing an email saying that I only wanted to work 1 day a week, I got reply saying that it sounds fine and she hoped to hear from me by phone soon. After a week of me trying to phone and leaving messages she phoned me this morning to ask me to go in for a chat.

So I went in this afternoon and offered me 1 day a week from maternity leave ends in April!!

I explained that I thought I had to return at the end of my maternity leave otherwise I would have to pay back some maternity leave and she ended up calling in the burser.

Now they are looking into it, I did say that I can expect to turn up and have my full time job back! And am willing to fot in anywhere doing anything!

She said that she doesn't want to give me 1 day a week till sept as she doesn't want to take anyones job away and the budget is bad because they have been paying 3 peoples maternity. (silly her as she could have taken out insurance for it but didn't!!) I dont want to take anyones job either but then she should have thought about me returning when she's given other people part time work while i've been off!!

She's going to send me a letter with an offer of maybe a day or maybe 1/2 a day a week for the summer term leading to a day in september - but now I'm going to be on edge waiting to see what she offers and what she decides. I'm worried that she'll look into it and decide to make me go back full time or not at all. I really dont want to go back full time and dont want to pay the extra maternity back that I got.

Now i'm kicking myself for not sirting it out sooner as I could have applied at other schools within the same council - I cant see me finding one now..........

I just needed to vent


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  • That doesn't sound right to me. Are you in primary or secondary?
    I'm due back mid April and my school has been really accommodating (i'm going back mornings)

    I'm pretty sure they have to sort something out for you or have a really good reason why they can't.

    Her argument that she doesn't want to force someone else out of a job doesn't make sense either because surely they employed someone to cover your maternity leave.

  • Oh babe I agree with bluevicki that shouldn't have anything to do with her decision the person is filling in for you a supply teacher on a longer contract sort of thing.

    Could you contact your union and see what they say-just an inquiry not a complaint or anything?

    It's not in her interests to force you to go back full time babe-lets be honest you get more for your money with 2 people doing the job and as teachers you know thats invaluable!!

    Take care and its up to her to sort herself out and like you say maybe keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities-always good to have a back up plan or something to make her realise you have other options too. Sending hugs!
  • thanks,

    I'm in primary.

    I think what has annoyed me the most is that she led me to believe that she would be very accomodationg but I really believe that she didn't realise that I had to start back at the end of my mat leave.

    The person who took over my job is an nqt and I dont think that hers was a maternity contract. She then had to employ someone in January, she put them on a maternity contract till July and has told them that if I dont return then she'll have to re-apply for her job.

    My mum has said that she can be flexible with the day for just that term - meaning that I could be employed 1 day a week and used as supply - which should save money for the school as supply is expensive isn't it?!
  • Wow, i don't mean to be rude but it sounds like your head doesn't really know what she's doing.
    I'm in primary too and this all sounds wrong.
    Definitely get in touch with your union asap they'll be able to help you.
  • I don't work in a scholl but I've also had problems with my work trying to reduce my hours so I totally understand how you feel.
    I contacted the Union at my work and they were helpful so would do that to start with. I also got hold of a flexible working policy and that has helped me build a case. They have to have good reason to deny your request so it would be worth finding out what's in the policy if they have one. S x
  • I'm a teacher too who went back part-time after maternity leave. I had to do full time until September and then started my part-time contract as I had a new contract given to me. (I was alright though as I came back for the last three days of term and then was on the summer holidays!!)

    I think that technically you have to go back to your original job as that is what is being held open for you so if you were on a full-time permanent contract then that is what you should be allowed to return to. I know that you don't want that, but if she's supposed to keep 5 days a week open for you then 1 day a week shouldn't be a problem!!

    Did you make sure you had informed her 15 weeks before you wanted to come back that you were coming back and on what date that was? If not, you're stuffed as the government legislation is really strict on that. If you did, then I'd contact the union and your local council personnel department. I don't know what yours is like but mine were really helpful and gave me all the specific details I needed and all the documentation was available on their website.

    Also, if you return part-time it takes longer to cover the amount of time needed for the extra maternity pay but you don't forfeit it unless you don't come back to work.

    I don't know if any of this helps but I would definately say that you need some advice from your union/personnel to check your individual situation and asap!!

    Please let us know what happens and I hope it goes according to what you want.image
  • I dont work in education but it does sound like your head of school has messed things up quite a bit. Hope you can sort this out and that you dont have to go back full time. Full time work is just a pain in the bum as im finding out at the moment.
  • Hi Lisa

    So sorry to hear that this has happened - really not what you need - returning to work is difficult enough as it is. You've been on my mind since I read this last night.

    Maybe wait and see what the head comes up with because it sounds like she will write to you soon and then take some legal advice if what she offers is not suitable.

    I know that what you really want is your old job one day a week so you want to maintian good relations with your head.

    I think I would probably write to her (paper letter rather than e mail) and politely say how disappointed (and upset?) you were by your meeting because you had been relying on her assurances at the time your left that your return to work on a part time basis would be accommodated at the end of your maternity leave.

    Hope you are ok.
  • thanks everyone,

    can u believe that this woman advertised my maternity cover before i'd given her a definite date for me to leave! but I didn't complain as I wanted to go then anyway and I didn't want to upset her as I wanted her to agree to my 1 day a week. I've always been honest with the fact I didn't want to return full time but was careful to also say that if my dh lost his job then I would need my full time job there.

    my mum has sais she can be flexible so I could do supply cover for 1 term until i'm given a set role.

    fingers crossed I get what I want, I just cant beleive still that she didn't realise i'd need work as soon as my maternity leave finished.

    i'm ok - just so bewildered by it all!! we could afford to pay the extra money back but then we;d have no savings and i've no job so we'd financially be in trouble.

    will let you know!!
  • Hey Loopy Lou, congratulations on getting what you wanted. I went into school yesterday morning (i used a keeping in touch day) and my little girl went to nursery to have a settling in session.
    I cried when i dropped her off and all the way to school but while i was there i really enjoyed it. At the end of the morning i rushed back to the nursery to be greeted by a very smiley girl who'd apparently had a great time.
    I'm so relieved and am now looking forward to returning to work after easter.
    You'll be fine and so will she x
  • thanks!

    thats great bluevicki that your lo enjoyed nursery and you enjoyed work.

    I know that Louise will enjoy being with my mum as I have left her with her and I keep telling myself that working 1 day a week means only 36 days in a year....(as well as prep & marking)

    annoyingly I have to give up going to my favourite group but my mum might be able to take her and I might be able to change the day in september.

    will have to update each other at the end of the first week back - I'm doing thursdays.

    make sure really enjoy the easter holidays!
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