Nappy wrappers.

Hi girls,

We have a Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper and find it still smells horrendous when you lift the lid to put a new nappy in. I empty at the end of every day but it still smells awful.
I've only just started using it as nappy sacks don't do the job anymore and so worried my house smells of nappies!

I have seen an Angelcare one and wondered if it's any better?

Also if anyone can recommend any nappy sacks that actually contain the smell please tell me where you get them from! I've used Sainsbury's own and Asda's but neither seem to do much.

Thank you!

Amy xx


  • We have the angelcare one and it doesn't smell. there is a kind of spring loaded flap when you lift the lid which you push the nappys down so it contains the smell quite well. sometimes when you put a nappy in you get a stinky whiff but we don't empty it every day so its not surprising the whiff comes out when you put a nappy in. House definately doesn't smell of nappies though.

    As for nappy sacks - i've got a pack from bodycare that were dead cheap and seem to do the job fine. Don't use them very often because fo the nappy wrapper but haven't noticed a problem with them. Before them we had some from toys r us I think - both are lightly scented and i think that helps with the smell
  • we have the angelcare one, our girl was born in Germany and they give you one free as part of a new mum pack, I love it, never smells and it fits lots of nappies in it! I can go days without emptying it!

  • We found the same as gemzy, ours stank. Maybe we were doing something wrong?? I now use nappy sacks the asda value ones and then put it into a carrier bag over the day and keep trying it shut, and then take the whole bag out at the end of the day. I find it stinks when I open the bag, but it contains the smell when shut. xxx
  • Thank you for your replies girls.
    Sounds like there isn't much we can do to contain the smell if some of you still have problems with the Angelcare one.

    I put the nappies in a nappy sack and THEN into the wrapper so maybe Ruby just has really really smelly nappies as it still makes me sick when I open it to put another one in! Lol! xx
  • Just a thought, but which cassettes are you using? If you use the older baby cassettes, they're a different thickness plastic or something, so they're supposed to contain smells better.
  • Oooooh, ok, thank you blueladybird!
    Ruby's 10 months and i've been using the newborn ones. I didn't realise there were different ones until I just looked!
    I'll buy some thicker ones.

    Thank you! xxx
  • i have the tommie tippie and the angle care (angle care was free with a voucher in bounty pack)
    i prefer tommie tippie with 6m + cartridges (have toddler nappies aswell as evies) but the angle care is ok 2 i spray loads of fabric freshener in mine after i clean it so it usually smells ok. xx
  • Yes I remember getting the voucher but threw it away as had the TT one (although never even opened it until now!)

    I'll get the 6m+ cartridges tomo and hopefully that will help.

    Thank you so much! xx
  • We have the angelcare one as it was free with bounty although we found that the cassets were expensive for what they were so we bought sented bin liners and use them now instead - so much cheaper ??1 for 50 and they work just aswell. xxxx
  • Scented bin liners...thats a good idea! Might have to look for them.

    If the smell is still a problem could you try popping some cotton wool with tea tree oil in the nappy wrapper? I stick tea tree oil in with my cloth nappies and i dry pail them and it masks pretty much all of the smell
  • We have the TT one and it doesn't smell - either that or i've become immune! i was going to suggest what Kia suggested, i wash the bin out once a week and pop a couple of drops of tea tree oil in there (i do this with my kitchen bin too, it makes it smell much fresher). This should help with the whiffs, but definitly switch to the 6month + wrappers as they are designed for babies who eat solids poos (as i gather they are much worse, although we're not quite there yet!) x
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