size confusion (also in biJan)

hi girls,

i'm a bit confused over sleeping bag sizes. my DD is 7 months but is still in 'first size' and 0-3 clothing as she is only 14lbs something. i'm really confused with her sleeping bags though as she seems to have no room in them at all, we moved her up to the 6-9 month one a few weeks ago as her feet were right at the bottom of it, but it looks like this will be too small soon too??

i've had several different makes of these bags so it's not just that one is shorter than the other iyswim? and my daughter is also a little shorty too so it's not that she's skinny and long either.

is this just one of those things that babies will always seem to be in their 'actual' size or a bigger size than they are? it just seems strange to me that she still fits in first size and 0-3 clothing but needs a 6-9 month sleepybag?



  • I dont know why (obviously me washing them too hot) but all my 2.5 tog bags shrunk....not had the same problem with 1.0tog

    I have found only the grobag/john lewis ones realistic lengths x
  • Im not 100% on sizes and which would be right for your LO, but we've two from babies r 1 tog and 1 2.5 tog and they are both very long and roomy. In fact its to the point where he gets wrapped up in them when he rolls in his cot. My Lo is on 95th for length aswell, so can recommend these for length. Ive bought both 0-6 and 6-18 and both were really long. In fact, i could still use the 0-6 and he's 11 months old!! xx
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