Hi, please can anyone advise me on a few basic tips in relation to weaning?

My baby is approaching 6 1/2 months old and we've been weaning him for the last couple of weeks. He is currently on 5x 7oz bottles of milk a day and we have recently introduced small 1oz puree'd food meals before each feed. We have started him off on puree'd apple and pear which he loves, carrot and sweet potatoe and broccoli. Tried him on some fish the other day which he refused to eat but I am persevering with that! He definately seems to have a sweet tooth but hopefully he will take to other flavous with a bit of time? He eats nearly all of the puree'd feed he likes and only takes about 3/4 of his bottle afterwards.

My questions are :
When do I start dropping feeds and in what order?
Is there anything I shouldn't be feeding him at this age or is everything okay as long as it is cooked properly and puree'd for him?
Does anyone have any good recipe ideas?
Also, if you go out for the day, how do you transport their solid food, we are trying to steer away from jarred baby food as much as possible but is there a safe way of doing this to avoid contamination of the food?

Thanks, any help would be much appreciated!


  • Hi,

    I was under the impression your lo will lead the way to dropping feeds. They still get the majority of their nutrients from milk up to a year old. When lo is ready to drop a feed, it will probably be the lunchtime one first. It might take up to 9 months old to drop feeds according to the NHS weaning book I have. I think the amount of milk up until a year should be 500-600ml.

    You can't give honey, peanuts or runny eggs. Anything else if fine, as long as you don't give things high in sugar or salt. Cow's milk can be used in cooking. Use full fat products like spread and milk.

    If you are taking hot food, you can cook/warm it to piping hot, then let it cool and give it at room temp. Heat it wherever you are, by asking a memeber of staff if in a restaurant etc. If giving finger foods, just give something off your plate, or take easy things like cucumber, breadsticks etc.

    At this age sterilising is less important. As long as your utensils and containers are clean, then that's fine.

    HTH. xx
  • Thanks so much both of you, that's a big help. Maria, I will definately give the recipes a go.. thanks again.x
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