Hi girlies! Has anyones lo been perscribed Ranitidine for their lo's, for reflux if so how did you get on with it? xxx


  • That's one i haven't tried but will be interested in any replies as the domperidone's not working...oh what a surprise. Getting fed up big time now, have asked to see doc but no appt til Mon!
    Have you got the ranitidine? Or just researching?!
  • yes my lil boy is on it now, seems to stop the crying during feeding which is a god send as thats the worst most frustrating thing but he is still being sick but not quite so much. have also changed formula and he has only been on it since yesterday so im giving it some time. He wwas on gaviscon but that only worked for a week or so.x
  • i was perscribed it for me in pregnancy as i was so sick it was causing reflux and i was drinking gaviscon by the bottle and it was great. sorry cant comment on it in babies though
  • Hi Kiea

    My lo has been prescribed Ranitidine as he has suspected reflux as he was vomiting blood too which they think is caused by the constant sicking. The only thing is I am doubting it is that as the Ranitidine doesn't seem to be making any difference at all (apart from no blood now)!

    We are actually back at the hospital tomorrow morning for a follow up so I'm hoping they will look into it further or maybe try him on something else.

    The only good thing with it is Kade loves taking it as it must taste nice and sweet but effect wise, it's not been any good.....for us anyway.

    My hv told me that gaviscon is good but because my lo is bf, this is why we got Ranitidine.

  • lol loui4 - my lo loves the taste of domperidone too as she almost eats the syringe! You can use gaviscon if bf, but have to mix with a bit of water and give after a feed. Worth a go, perhaps? x
  • Thanks alioli, I'll mention that tomorrow as it sounds like gaviscon works for most lo's :\)
  • gaviscon is no good trust me,,,works for about a week then no good at all. your so lucky loui4 my lo hates ranitidine it dosnt stop the sicking but does help with the fussing and crying during feeds which is great coz thats so frustrating.xxx
  • Glad it is working for you Kiea but it's a shame he doesn't like the taste image

    We went back for our appointment but they haven't prescribed us anything else as he is not losing any weight at all so they see no reason for concern, which is fair enough I guess.
    He's still quite sicky but I'm getting used to it now.

    Hope your lo starts to improve soon. Hopefully he will grow out of it?
  • I gave ranitidine for my six month old girl today for the first time and the effect was immediate. Magic! she breastfed more often and for longer with no crying and no back arching.. I hope it continues to do wonders. 

  • Hi, I had my LO on ranitidine for a while. It's debatable how much it actually helped. The crying reduced, but it's the same now we've taken her off it... it won't reduce the amount they're sick, it reduces the acid content in the stomach, so it's less painfull brining up possets etc.. I've also heard that domperidone only works with ranitidine, not by itself. HV reccommended Stay Down feeds, as they're thicker and less likely to come back up. We haven't tried that yet. Another mum reccommended Cow & Gate Carobel, which is a feed thickener, but I asked HV and she said they don't really use it anymore, which confused me as first time I asked about it she said we should try it! You could also try rolling a towel up and putting it under the top of the cot/moses matress, so he's a little more upright? And hold him upright after feeds. Another thing I heard, which was one of the reasons I took DD off ranitidine, is that it can cause problems in the digestive tract when they're older. Hope you find something that helps, reflux is horrible x x x

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