My little girl is 11 days old and i have not yet gave her a dummy as i am breastfeeding and wanted to make sure she latched on fine. The past couple of days she has been quite restless and im considering giving her a dummy but feel soo guilty about it? Did anyone else feel like this and did they give their LO a dummy?

Jstar x


  • I felt really bad for giving a dummy because i always swore i would never do it. I felt like i was giving in too easy blah blah blah. I gave abby a dummy at 6weeks and got a much happier baby. I now see it like at this age they are sooo tiny that if they need a little something for comfort then why shouldn't they have it? We all have little things we use for comfort.;\)
  • why do people feel bad about giving a dummy?
    we did it at 8days old and have never had a problem we would have had a very upset baby if we didnt! we use the tommee tippee back to nature as there ment not o interfere with breastfeeding worked for us image x like abbysmum said why shouldnt they have some comfort image xx
  • I never wanted to but while we were in hospital (jaundice) the nurse said she was a 'sucky' baby and to try her with a dummy, we reluctantly agreed and had an instantly happier baby! Plus it didn't interfere with bf at all.
    Now at 10 weeks she will not entertain the idea of a dummy, she has grown out of it herself!

    Give it a try and see how it goes, some babies just need the extra comfort image

  • i never felt guilty about giving my LO's a dummy,when daniel was born he took to one right away,when jack and charlotte were born charlotte also took to it but jack just wont entertain one,he would much rather play with it but you may need to keep trying for a bit cos they may just push it back out

  • i didnt feel guilty but other people do attemp to make u feel bad....i just dont get it though babies are born with some natural reflexes ,one being sucking so let them suck a dummy ...my 3 year old still has his despite me attempting to get it off him now but he has no speech problems and at his check last week my h/v agreed they do no harm (infact dont sids say u should give babies one to help prevent cot death etc??) ...i will say if your lo wont take a silicone teat try the latex ones both mine couldnt take the silicone ones xx
  • Well said Chuffedbaby2! All my 3 have had dummies. My youngest has had a dummy since she was born and sometimes she will suck it and other times just play with it. I actually feel happier when i put her in her cot and she has it.
    My eldest was really good at 'giving it up', he put it on the christmas tree and it went to all the new babies and santa left him an extra special pressie!
    Now that my youngest boy is a bit older he knows that dummy time is either when he is ill or when he is going to bed. I see nothing wrong with this.
  • don't feel guilty hun, it's been proven that dummies keep airways open to prevent cot death x
  • My daughter is obsessed with hers - at 8 months old.

    I gave it to her when she was just a couple of days old and she's what you may call a sucky baby as well.

    I do think people look disapproving at me when she's got it in when we're out, but stuff them!

    I try to keep her use of it to when she's tired, distressed or in the car - but if we have a day when she wants it all day, then she has it!!

    I'm not one for letting a baby get stressed just because someone disapproves - and yes, they do say that the risk of SIDS is dramatically reduced with a dummy....

    C xxx
  • Not read the thread - but I gave Abby a dummy at 3 days old, and it, didn't effect BF one jot. We used to Tommee tippee CTN ones - so don't know if things would have been different with a different brand.

    Now at 7 months she LOVES her dodo, and wont sleep without it, but she only has it when she's tired (or I need her to be quiet - like if we got to church or something).
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