Feeling abit down

Hi ladies i'm feeling abit down tonight, i don't know if i'm being stupid.

I have a 5week old baby who i think prefers my friend to me, he always smiles when she interacts with him, and he rarley does this with me, she manages to settle him in the mornings ( she has him 1 day a week for a few hours so i can sleep) and i just think he see's her as his mom.

Am i being silly? does he know who his mom is at 5 weeks?



  • Of course he knows you. He grew inside you for 9 months. As long as you feel attached to him you should be fine. You are the most important person in your baby life, remember that.
  • dont worry. my friend got jakes first smile and i didnt get one til about two weeks after!sometimes it is just a change of face, or situation which settles Lo's. Dont know why but it seems to work. Wait a few weeks and your Lo will be smiling and giggling at everything!!!
  • Aww dont worry! Of course he knows you!
    I know how you feel though as MIL was babysitting Jaimi-Lee last night and when i went in she was lying happily on MIL's knee and when i picked her up she started crying! I was devastated!! And im sure MIL had a smug look on her face, GRRR!!

    Sharon x

  • aww don't worry, i'm with JJ 24/7 and he smiles and laughs more for OH who only sees him for 3 hours a night and never at weekends!! when he had bad colic the only one who could settle him was my mum! he sees my SIL a few times a week but he prefers her boyfriend to her and only sees him about once a month :lol: could be that she screams in his face and makes him cry EVERYTIME she sees him tho :lol: x
  • Thank you for your replies, made me feel a little bit better, i think i was just having a bad day, its hard when you spend all day, changing bums, clearing sick, making bottles and settling a screaming baby and then someone else comes in and gets all the 'nice' parts if you know what i mean?

  • aww hun it won't mean she prefers her to you! Both of mine have had days where they've screamed at me and as soon as oh or my mum took them they were fine. Obviously i felt the exact same, thinking they didn't love me or something. lol. It will change in time, he is still quite young to be picking who he prefers out of certain people. My two now couldn't be any close to me. Grace is a big mummys girl and can't stand anyone other than me getting her to sleep.

    Don't worry hun, he knows your mummy and no one can take that place.

    Lisa xxx
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