11 months old and I'm pregnant...

I've found out over the weekend, that I'm pregnant and okay this might sound really silly, but I just don't know how to react! My little boy James is 11 months old, and although I'm excited about the pregnancy, I'm already worrying about how James will react, will he feel pushed out, won't like it and can I share my love between them equally!! Not to mention will I cope!

I don't feel as excited as I did when I found out with James, and my hubby said the same, but at the same time we want this baby just like we did James, and don't want it to feel it wasn't wanted (if this makes any sense).

I know I'm kinda waffling here but I just don't how I feel!! Crikey, the hormones have kicked in already!

Thank you lovely ladies for letting me get that off my chest x


  • Awe, you and James will be fine, better than fine, it will be a wonderful new person to love. James will, with time, have a great best friend and partner in crime (poor mummy), and you will have more time than to yourself than you've had so far, because at least I found two much much easier than one. With one you have to do all the entertaining and with two the play together giving you a little more time. Also James will very much enjoy being able to "teach" the new baby about the world, after all he is soooo much older and wiser. But also young enough not to be too rigid so he will accept the baby probably more easily than you might fear.

    Don't worry about the not being quite as excited, it's really early days, and you will be very excited for the individual person but right now it's really not become as personal as it has with James because of course you've had more time with him. You will be an awesome mummy to two, congratulations image

  • i wouldnt worry babe you will both be fine, and everything hedgie has said above is exactly what i was going to say, i also found two a lot easier than one, and now i have three x
  • Dont worry, Evan will be 14 months when new baby comes in August - me and hubby felt the same, happy but not excited in a way, getting used to it now and lo will be fine, he will love helping you with new baby
  • You'll be absolutely fine, I found I was pregnant when my LO was 11 weeks old, there's 12 months between them and I love it. It's not really hard work, they got on so well, she's protective over her younger brother. I love having them close together.

  • Thank you for your replies, you can tell the hormones have kicked in, I just sat and read those and cried!! xx
  • Awwww honey. You'll be fine - honest!! If you need to chat we're all here for you. image

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