Feel like i'm starting to lose it!!!! :-(

Hi ladies,

I'm really starting to feel like i'm going mad! i just really need a break! i've been quite poorly for about 2 weeks but as a mummy we soldier on, but lo is teething and just seems to cry from when he gets up to when he goes to bed!
I just feel i can't do anything anymore, even a drive in the car turns into an ordeal! just don't know how much longer i can cope!
I was supposed to go back to work next week but there was a problem with childcare so decided not to go back at all, and have just started doing Avon, so i don't get anytime at all away from LO!
I don't get any help, well OH did give him his breakfast this morning but i only slept in till 8am!!
Thing is OH works nights and he has also got his own business which he is building up so if hes not in bed he's out working and i just seem to talk to myself all the time and i know he's doing it for us but i think he is forgetting whats more important! when he is home and awake he just seems to snap at me all the time, i've told him how i feel and suggested we have a break but he said he didn't want to then cooked me a candle lit dinner but since then its all the same, i don't want to break up with him but i'm just really unhappy and don't really know what i can do to make things better, he says the right things but then it just goes back to the way it was, what can i do? shall i ask him to move out for a while to get us back on track???
Started this talking about LO and ended up maoning about OH SORRY!! :\(

Had to get it off my chest!!!



  • Hi sweetie,

    I really dont think that the problem is your OH right now (maybe a small proportion of it is) but i think the problem that may be is that you are never getting any time to yourselfs or time on your own just to pamper or DO NOTHING as i like to do (but never do lol).

    I returned to work about 4 weeks ago 2 days a week and really didnt want to but now i enjoy going to work as my lo is happy and healthy with family and i get to not think about the next feed or next nappy change and maybe think this may help you. Is there any family close for you to go out with your OH for an evening or maybe even a night? Or sombody you trust? . I think that maybe you are just both tired and doing the daily grind and you need some time out of babies babies!!

    Hope you sort it out soon honey but to me it sounds like you need some space from all the routines that are set in place x
  • Well all I can say is no one can tell you whether to ask your oh to mov eout for a while. You have to follow your heart on that one. I know how you feel about doing everything yourself as im a single mum anyway and always have been. My boy is now 7 1/2months.
    As for lo teething what have you been given him for it? My lo is teething too at the moment so i totally sympathise with you x
  • We had a night out a couple of weeks ago and it was great! because LO sleeps from 7pm i don't worry about him coz i know he's just asleep!
    But the purse strings and OH job restricts us alot! tbh i think i just need time out of the house on my own or with m8s, just fed up of being in the house, i'm on antidepressants which the nurse figured out the reason is because i am bored and missing work life, so i really think i should have gone back to work but hey its not forever!
    Thing is Lo is a real mummies boy and cries if anyone else feeds him including his dad!! if i walk out of the room he screams so its just hard to say 'right i'm going out you look after him' you know!!
    I am giving him calpol for his teething, he started to struggle to sleep at night so on the advice of an expert on this site i gave him some calpol before i put him to bed tonight and he didn't cry once so thats obviously why he is acting up lately!
  • You really need to find a way to get out- even with lo. You could go to a mother and baby group or baby swimming classes that will get you out of the house and give the the opportunity to meet ppl in the same situation as yourself.

    It is hard sometimes to get the motivation to do things and to get ready and go out but it will make you feel much better in the long run.

    Personally I would also sit oh down and say look I need one night each week out of this house on my own- its not a lot to ask. You could use this time to go to the gym or just over to a friends house- even just to go and get the groceries!

    PND won't be helping your situation at all- I know only too well. This can make you feel negative and tired and snappy anyway. If you are so unhappy you need to deal with it sooner rather than later coz it will eat away at you and when it eventually does come out it will be blown out of proportion.
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