what else?

what new foods can i give jayden, unsure of what he could cope with?

hes ha before.... toast, banana,breadsticks,ricecakes,carrot crisp, cauliflower floret cooked, mash but only if it has baby gravy on to make it mushy, weeyabix very mushed, he does eat stage 2 jars but wont eat as much from it has stage 1 jar.

any ideas what to give him to learn him to chew but something he will cope with,i get scard off trying new stuff, ....


  • I have found Gabe prefers very slightly mashed food to stage 2 jar food (or equivalent texture). He likes banana and apple mixed with babyrice for breakfast. He had pasta, veg and cheese today and seemed OK with it.

    Gabe likes sticks of roast chicken. Also sandwiches. He hasn't been able to manage them very well in the past but now he has 4 teeth I'm hoping he'll improve.

    He loves bread crusts but has choked on them!xx
  • How about mashed potatoe or sweet potatoe?

    I also give Louise cucumber sticks and broccolli.
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