Cows milk

I know the guideline is for our babies to be a 1 year old before they should be offered cows milk as a drink but I was wondering if anyone had offered it sooner.

Can it really do any harm to offer it at 11 months or 11.5 months?

It's not like their bodies suddenly change the day the clocks ticks over to them being a year old. Not looking for an argument, just wondered what people have done and plan to do. Thanks xx


  • G/c but I ran out of formula a couple of week's before DD turned 1 so just switched to whole cow's milk then. She'd been having it on cereals and in cooking since 6 months and made the change without a problem. Now a thriving 2 and a half year old! My friend did it by mixing cow's milk with formula a week or so before her lo turned 1 and gradually increased the amount of whole milk. But her lo had been on special formula for reflux which I think is why she did it that way.

  • I plan to move over at 11months ish! I agree with you. She has yogurt and cheese, and will still have a night BF and a good balanced diet, so I cAnt see the harm. I read on here the other day that a HV siad from 10m if they had a good diet... maybe ask next time you are at the clinic.

  • My DD is 11 months old and she's been having a beaker of cows milk mid-afternoon for around a month now, she loves it!! She has 2x bottles of Follow On formula per day too, but dropped the mid-afternoon one so thought I'd offer her cows milk instead - think she'd happily drink more of it!
    She's had it on porridge since 6 months anyway xx
  • I had been thinking the same! I am still BF and plan to until we switch to cows milk, but would like to reduce 1 feed at a time, so was thinking about if I could do one of the feeds before he is 1.
    I may ask the next time I see my HV.
  • Thanks everyone. I was asking as I'm not sure I'm going to be able to give him BM up to a year, like I originally planned. Seems silly to introduce formula for the sake of a few weeks and think I might introduce cows milk as his afternoon drink (like 1proudmummy) in a month or so. Appreciate the replies, thanks again xx
  • not in response to your op lawso but are you still expressing every feed?!? If so you are amazing! (still amazing if not obviously but that is so impressive!)
  • Hi charlotteb - yes, I'm still expressing but it's getting harder to keep up as I've cut my sessions right down now, hence the question about cows milk. I still have a load in the freezer so I should get to 10 months, maybe 12 at a push xx
  • Well done Lawso! I gave up expressing when DD got to 6 months. I honestly don't know now how I found the time to express so much lol!

  • Cow's milk at 11 months is fine - my HV says nothing magic happens at one year, and any time from 10 months is ok really. I'm hoping to breastfeed until a year this time (went back to work at 8 months last time), but have already decided that if we make it to ten months I'll be skipping formula (not that I'll be planning to make the change at 10 months, I just mean if she self-weans or something).
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