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meal planning - BLW (or 6 months +)

With dd not far off 6 months, and now putting food in her mouth to suck, i think it's time to start thinking about weaning. so what sort of things should she be eating? being 6 months i know we'll be able to move more quickly but i was after some suggestions of what to start her on, for breakfast lunch and dinners. for example i know she can have soldiers, but does it matter whether they are white or wholemeal?

any ideas gratefully received!


  • Hey my lo is 6 months and 2 weeks and he has been having exactly the same as us, we have just used low salt stock cubes etc in cooking and not adding salt. He is really getting the hang of it now, i use white bread as they shouldn't have too much fibre having said that it wouldn't harm your lo to have a small amount. My lo loves pitta breads!! His coordination in just two weeks has come on so much and he is starting to get his pincer grip now. We have had no real episodes of gagging and he has mastered chewing and swallowing well.

    Breakfast maybe try porridge on a preloaded spoon, just the porridge you would have with full fat milk. and maybe some toast, i found cutting into squares easier as they were easier to pick up!!, lunch i think my lo's first was mashed avocado on pitta he loved it!! then dinner maybe some carrots and broccoli?? i really just did give lo what ever we were having

    hth xx
  • thanks for that! she has been picking up food and putting it in her mouth to suck for a while now, so i think she has good co-ordination. carrot stick, mange tout, whole apples with a bit out, tangerine which she sucked for ages! i actually gave her a bit of peed pear on a spoon on sat to see what she did and she put it straight in her mouth herself and sucked it... then pulled a strange face! i think she's definitely getting ready for feed!
  • gggrrr damn laptop! the keys are dodgy so lots of letters end up missing!
  • We started weaning (BLW) about this time last year when Peter was at much the same stage as your daughter. Like happymummy, he eats what we eat, but, to start with, I tended to make a lot of 'nursery' foods - cottage pie, fish pie, etc. Because we get a veg box, I also ended up making a lot of soups and stews. Very messy but it actually worked to our advantage in the long run. Peter took to a preloaded spoon like a dream (and ended up using his own cutlery quite early) but his small motor skills were always his strong suit. Bread dipped in soup/stew gravy works well for those who don't like cutlery to start with.

    Spag bol was also a huge hit. I have always used the small soup pasta shells which he ate off a spoon but I know a lot of babies really like adult pastas like fusilli or penne. I'd experiment and see what works best for you. And scrambled eggs are another favourite. Sandwiches, as has been said, are incredibly convenient, especially when out and about and Peter adored (still does) avocado as well.

    For breakfast we do a rotation of porridge with fruit pur????e stirred in, Weetabix with mashed banana and toast or English muffins with some sort of spread (home-made jam is currently the favourite). It took Peter a long time to get to grips with fruit (literally - he kept dropping it!) so I used the pur????es to get some into him at least once a day, again on a preloaded spoon or with his fingers. He loved that! Yes, bread should be white, although we carried on eating whole grain and he started demanding that (he loves bread) so now he eats whatever is going. If you are anything of a home baker and have the time, homemade soda bread is a brilliant weaning food as it is soft on the inside (easy to gum and swallow) but crusty on the outside (easy to hold and satisfying to gnaw on).

    Hope this helps and that both you and your lo enjoy the process.
  • thats really helpful. thanks!
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